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Age of History 3

Multiplayer. Factories, machinery and research. Economy. Diplomacy

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1. Multiplayer. By the name, it is clear that AOH lacks multiplayer. It's already known.

2. I would like to add the ability to build factories to AOH. There should be several types of them. 1 for the extraction/production of products that can be sold to other countries and have a profit from it. These plants can produce/extract resources, let's say metal. Let's say 1 level 1 factory produces 1kg of metal. Level 2 will already produce 2 kg and the like. They can also be used to create equipment. 2 type of factories for the production of machinery. That's what metal is for. The equipment can be different - transport, merchant ship. This technique can be used, for example, to quickly move an army or resources. 3 type of factories is the production of military equipment - tank, artillery, aircraft, ship.

3. Research. The mechanics of the study need to be redone. Ordinary research glasses are studied for a very long time and does not give much superiority. I propose to change it to a research system of a different format. Let's say you're researching an agricultural branch. Researched one + bonus to population growth. Then I researched improved infantry + attack and defense. I 've reached the same level + you can produce them , etc . Research lasts until a certain number of research points are filled in, as in the old research system. The more he invests, the faster the study goes.

4 Economy. Enter a button that will allow you to invest several regions at the same time, and not every time to cash in on regions and pump them in.

5 Diplomacy. Countries will somehow strangely introduce diplomacy. For a small amount of money, they are ready to fight together, give the right of passage, etc. but at the same time they refuse to sell the territory for money they have never seen in their lives. And diplomacy glasses. Let them have a bigger limit.

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