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Ideas para aoh3 /idea for aoh3

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OIG2.vbtJ3mEu.thumb.jpeg.8d6c6c335acaa0d16b14bf701bf10d99.jpegTengo una idea para el age of history 3 ,la idea es cuanto pidas un prestamo,haiga una opcion que diga "banco mundial" y todas las civilizaciones se encientren,cuanto le des click en una de esas civiliaciones, le das cuanto dinero quieres y en que año o en que mes o semana o en que dia vas à poder pagar ese prestamo hacia la civilizacion .

Si no puedes pagar el prestamo en el año/mes/semana en el que decias poder pager el prestamo,menos civilicaciones te van a querer dar un prestamo, ademas de que à la civilizacion que le pediste el prestamo,va à tener mas influencia sobre ti (mas influencia sobre ti = la civilizacion va a poder avasallarte) ) y vice-versa ,osea que otras naciones van a pedirte un prestamo,y si no cumplen en dicha fecha que podian pagarte ,tendras influencia sobre ti,asi que le podras dar en el boton de ofrecer vasallaje y ellos no podran rechazar (si tienes un 50% de influencia sobre ellos) y podra occurir vice-versa, osea que ellos te podran avasallar si tienen alta influencia sobre ti ,y si te rechazas,ellos tendran una justificacion de guerra de vasallaje.

Y esa séria mi propuesta ,gracias s a los que han tenido la paciencia de  leer esto (: .

(Texto para los angloparlantes)

I have an idea for the age of history 3 , the idea is when you ask for a loan, there is an option that says "world bank" and all civilizations are aware, when you click on one of those civilizations, you give it how much money you want and in what year or in what month or week or in what day you will be able to pay that loan towards civilization .


If you can't pay the loan in the year/month/week in which you said you could pay the loan, less civilizations will want to give you a loan, besides that the civilization that you asked for the loan will have more influence on you (more influence on you = civilization will be able to overwhelm you)) and vice versa , that is, other nations are going to ask you for a loan, and if they don't comply on that date they could pay you, you will have influence over you, so you can give it in the offer button. vassalage and they will not be able to reject (if you have 50% influence over them) and it will be possible to occur vice versa, so that they will be able to overwhelm you if they have high influence over you, and if you reject yourself, they will have a justification of war of vassalag


And that would be my proposal , thanks to those who have had the patience to read this (: .

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