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Age of History 3

Pax Atomica, embargos and other modern/future diplomacy ideas

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Hello everyone. Today I wanted to propose some dynamics that could make the game more interesting and realistic even in modern and future eras.

Advanced Alliances

  • In an alliance, the nation with the highest ranking is the leader of the alliance and can accept or expel alliance members based on relations.
  • When a nation doesn't intervene alongside an ally in war, it worsens relations with all alliance members.
  • Possibility, perhaps with a specific technology, to form alliances even between very powerful or distant nations, from the 1900s onwards.
  • Possibility for nations to join existing alliances.
  • Possibility for a nation to leave an alliance if relations deteriorate with allies.
  • Possibility to economically punish a nation by preventing it from trading with all alliance countries. This could be unlocked with a specific legacy or technology.
  • If a nation in an alliance improves its relations or makes agreements with a rival nation of the alliance leader, it loses relations with alliance members.

Naval Block

  • During a war, stationing troops in a sea in front of an enemy port is equivalent to disrupting trade in that port, with penalties on the province and the nation.


  • Ultimatum to move troops from a border (demilitarize borders).
  • Ultimatum to lift a naval block.
  • Ultimatum to abandon occupied territory/cease a war.
  • Ultimatum to not build atomic weapons.
  • Ultimatum to stop supporting rebels and vassals at war with the nation.
  • Ultimatum to repay a debt.
  • Ultimatum to create a vassal of a certain population/culture/religion.

Financial Vassalage

  • A high-ranking nation can offer debt to another nation during or after a war (such as to subsidize reconstruction). The creditor nation gains military access from the debtor nation until the debt is repaid, and after several years, if the debt persists, vassalage.

Atomic Peace

Atomic weapons must confer decisive strategic and diplomatic bonuses, given their power. The use of atomic weapons should increase the war points level of the nation that used it (see USA and Japan in WW2).

Through the technology tree, an atomic nation must be able to choose one of the following atomic doctrines: stalemate attack, survival attack, preemptive attack. The doctrine must be secret, to add more tension to the game.

Stalemate attack: if an atomic nation is in a stalemate during a war, it can use the atomic weapon on the enemy to break the deadlock.
Survival attack: if an atomic nation is invaded and the war starts to heavily favor the opposing side, it can use the atomic weapon as a last resort.
Preemptive attack: if an atomic nation is at war with another atomic nation, it can launch the atomic weapon first on several key cities, thus immediately crippling the enemy.

The use of atomic weapons lowers relations with all countries worldwide.
Two atomic nations will try to avoid direct war by using proxies: they finance rebellions, regime changes, embargoes, and use their vassals without directly entering the war. When a vassal or rebellion is used for a proxy war, it is supported with economic donations and manpower.

I really hope Lukasz cound consider my ideas. Let me know.

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