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Age of History 3

Tourism expanded (migration)

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So i posted a topic about tourism and got comments about migration so decided to post another and talk about that


I don't know how much the game is near to reality but I talk about real word then we can decide which parts are useful for the game


Migrations categorized by reasons:

Natural reasons: flooding, earth quake or other disasters in old living place and fertile lands in new one

Artificial reasons: bad economical situation, war or dictatorship in old living place and better economy and stability in new one

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Migrations are also diversified by obligations:

Optional migrations like great migration of Europian to colonial lands in 16th 

Forcefuls like exiling people from their homelands

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You could probably include Fertility Rate in here as well, that was an idea I had in my immigration suggestion before it got deleted. (Long story, but I was banned by mistake.)

I also love ur idea of natural disasters, u can also include a country closing borders completely and not allowing anyone out or in. Kinda like North Korea. This could make the nation lose stability, but there could be propaganda efforts and such to keep the stability up, however, fertility rate and morale is likely to go down, same with the economy, but that depends on how the player manages the nation, as they can also have options to open the nation for trade only with specific countries. (Like Japan with the Netherlands, or even North Korea with Russia and China)

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