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Better Cities on the map - Idea For AOH3

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hopefully reworking the cities thing, they didn't fit on the map and often looked bad and were in uncolonized provinces, i think he should make cities look more alive and fit more with the surrounding terrain + make cities different in each region and era, ex: middle eastern city in 12th century won't look the same like a european city in the same date, or a european city in the same date won't be as big as shanghai or tokyo in asia in the 2022 scenario is a thing post alpha


I Also suggest at least adding unique designs for cities such as: Giza (show pyramids), baghdad (had circle shape when it was first built famously), mecca (show kaaba) , medina(show the masjid of prophet muhammed PBUH) , london, paris (maybe if you want to) rome (definitely), constantinople (DEFINITLY), new york (OBVIOUSLY, you need to adapt new york to its terrain, also add the ability to construct lower manhattan as a new york thing), washington DC, new mexico city (very optional), Shanghai, Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo (depict their massive size)


i also think cities should gradually grow on the map as population grows with there being a limit to how much a city can hold based on it's terrain, its period (ex in age of information you should be able to build a functional city in the desert unlike in previous eras), the development and buildings, and the technology levels, with the walls being visible until the 1700's

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