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Age of History 3

The Flaw That Killed AOH2 and Will Kill AOH3 if nothing is done about it

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Your ideas are great but I am not so sure about one idea you mentioned 

On 6/10/2024 at 9:18 AM, OwnM3Z0 said:

you can make it so that proof of purchase (bank credentials or smth) have to be sent to some sort of discord bot that will analyze the image and compare it to a database of purchases of the game, once a picture has been used it cannot be reused again, idk if this is possible, there are better idea's that genuinely worked for other devs but i will email them for secrecy as i'm sure many among the readers will pirate aoh3 or at least try

I have to ask a question here, since it's a bot it can make mistakes so like what if someone bought the game, sent a picture proving that they purchased the game but the bot mistakenly denied it and they can't access the game despite having paid for it?

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On 6/15/2024 at 6:39 PM, uwut said:

but theres a issue, a big part of aoh2s popularity comes from piracy, if we block all of possibility to crack it all of the crack users wont be buy the game, there will be a part that dont plays the game

also modding on android version will be a issue

basically only like 5% of the whole AoH2 community bought the game lol

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On 6/10/2024 at 7:20 PM, Денис Живков said:

I don't want to be jailed for my message, but piracy can happen even in the newest games. Games that have become legendary but have not been updated can be purchased and will receive game incentives from users.

It's trite, but if a game attracts more users, then it attracts more pirates accordingly.

It can be fixed by having the purchased game include...for example, multiplayer. On the other hand, if some updates are released, people will not have time to spend and will be forced to buy to play the new version.


Often piracy is the only way out of a situation when the game is prohibitively expensive. I'm not an anti-piracy expert, because3 I myself only play games that I haven't spent a dime on, but I can recommend some ways to fight against me :3


1. The price of the game needs to be normal, then the game will be downloaded often because they will think about safety. It’s better to spend 90-150 cents/rubles, then it’s better to pay than to download with miners.

2. You need to keep in touch with the community. The game, you see, is not a child, a man needs to look after him. Follow this project. You need to kind of communicate with the community. You may even want to update the game. Then the old pirates are moving because the version they are on is outdated and they may not be able to keep up with the new movements of the community.

3. It is worthwhile to genocide those who pirate. It is possible to ban their accounts (and make it more difficult to log in to the forum, otherwise I think every second person on the forum has a second account just in case) by deleting their content (but some content should be left), and in addition, give power over a certain part of the forum to a trusted person circle of people. Because it is very difficult to control a horde of 53,818 people alone. Yes, not the entire part is active, but I think that this is temporary.

4.What does the communities tab mean? what kind of communities? How to manage them? Sorry for being off topic, but I didn't understand this at all...

@mattxjpg Dude, explain yourself, what are you doing? what's your problem?

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On 6/14/2024 at 4:33 AM, OwnM3Z0 said:

that doesn't really justify it, being poor doesn't give you a pass to be a terrible person

just saying broski,i have no choice but to pirate. Same with the rest of 146 million people living in Russia,and 10 million in neighboring Belarus. So unless you guys upload the game to VK Play or some shit i am pirating it, because Steam won't let my ass buy the fuckin game.

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