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7 hours ago, Xenorenaus said:

Does anyone know how the Population Score and Economic score are calculated?

Especially Prestige. What is Prestige score?

I think prestige is respect or strenght

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To calculate the final score, the game uses a for loop for every province that you own/ occupy, meaning that it applies a formula to every province which is as follows:

p = 2.25 * (0.125 + 0.875 * Growth Rate) * (0.785 + 0.215 * Technology Level) * Core * (0.375 + 0.625 * Development Level)

With the Core modifier being circumstantial, if the province is a core province then the modifier is 1.0. Else if it isn't, the modifier is 0.475; and the technology modifier having an upper bound of 1.0.

Now the final prestige score is as follows:

Prestige = Σp + 17.5 * Technology Level; rounded up to the nearest integer.

with Σp being the sum of every p value of every province that you own / occupy, and the technology level having no upper bound.



For the economy score, every province is applied to a formula as following:

e = Economy / (Starting Economy / 16.25) * (0.425 + 0.675 * Development Level) * (0.275 + 0.725 * Province Stability)

The final economy score is:

Economy = Σe; rounded up to the nearest integer.

with Σe being the sum of every e value of every province that you own / occupy.


As for population score I'm still quite unsure, I will probably have to study it later. Feel free to correct any mistakes.

>t. having looked up the source code

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