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Age of Civilizations

I may have just discovered one of the best things in AoC2

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(sorry for posting this In memes but offtopic has too many chinese)

A lot of people wanted to change countries in the middle of a game... Well, I just discovered how to do that.

1.Save your game

2.Exit to the main menu

3.Click editor and Create a City

4.Go back to main menu again

5. Click games and new game

6. the turn you saved your game on is probably the scenario that is displayed now.

All armies all reset, you only have the starting capital army. All wars are saved so you can choose a side in a civil war and PLAY AS A REBEL! Some borders don't display but hey, at least you can switch countries in the middle of a game

(Sorry for my English if there are any mistakes cuz I'm from Poland)

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