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A Couple Suggestions

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So I've been playing the game for some time now and while the experience has been fruitful I still find it lacking. However I do have some suggestions that I think would potentially make the gameplay more exciting and challenging.

Diplomatic Integration of Vassals

The unnecessary need to force conquer your vassal just to annex the state is a tedious task to handle, as such it would be a great addition to the game to have some sort of focus on the diplomatic side.

More specifically the ability to annex your vassal diplomatically through means of improving relations to +100 thus giving the overlord the ability to integrate their vassal/s. Though integration will be a process that depends on how much development a vassal currently has.

Introduction of National Ideas and Ideas

Each nation having its own national ideas would greatly flesh out the game even more. With the likes of controlling your own unique nation and being relieved of not having your country pretty much the same with the others.

With ideas,we are able to invest in research where at a certain point in technology we're able to invest in new ideas i.e. Administrative ideas that would further increase the administrative efficiency, Military ideas that would increase discipline and morale of the troops, etc.

A Fleshed Out Battle System

Wherein you're able to overcome the enemy even if it's a 2:1 through the means of commanders with varying stats and a dice roll type battle system like in Europa Universalis IV would be a tremendous breakthrough in playing the game. Ideas would also play a role factor in a battle. Such an example would be to have an army with 120% discipline as compared to a horde army of 100% discipline therefore increasing the likeliness of winning an outnumbered battle.

Dynamic Leaders

The game right now focuses solely on static and preset leaders which I think is alright but role-play wise is hindering the true timely experience. A great addition to the game to have our monarchs die and have successions, having heirs and the like for sure add more flavor to the ever so progressing age of the game.

It would for some time be somewhat weird to have Winston Churchill to rule the Modern Era in Britain wouldn't it?

Introduction of Royal Marriages

This goes hand in hand with my suggested dynamic leaders one where the political landscape of Europe depends on having royal marriages with the Habsburgs or the like. Adding these features would surely enchance historical gameplay especially those who wish to role-play the game.

Introduction of Religions

A great addition to the game would be religions. It would give much more flavor to the game. As it has potential to have more features that'll be added like a crusade war goal and the like. Also varying by each religion would have different modifiers which could also enchance the gameplay experience.

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