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Civilizations List Trick

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Are you trying to create a scenario where a nation pops up or breaks away late game but have no idea how to do it?

As you know, using events, you can make certain things happen. One of those things is giving nations provinces, annexing other nations, and liberating vassals. But how can you create nations mid-game, for example, make Scotland seperate itself from Britain? The problem we have is that unless you create the civilization on the map (which means giving it a minimum of 1 province - the capital) you can not select it in the events menu. This sucks, because you can't make new nations later on in the scenario.  We can avoid this using a simple trick that adds the nation to the list without giving it provinces - you use population & cores

At the end of setting up your scenario, you have a tab with population & cores where you can set up a percentage of people from a country to live in any province. If you click on a province and on "add civilization" at the top, you can add a new civilization to the list without giving it a province. You can set the % to something absurd like 1% and it will still count.

Now if you come back to the events menu, you can see that you can finally choose the nation, and for example, give it provinces later on during the game through an event.

Hopefully this was useful to you!

Here is a picture by picture example to help you out. As you can see, I used Prussia as the example. Prussia does not have a province but yet I can select it in the events menu.



Zrzut ekranu (33).png

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I mean, at least for my experience with the editor, you can already add a new civilization from the outcome section of events. All you need to do is:

  • Go to the outcome section of the event and choose the outcome which will make a new country appear.
  • Click on the "add new outcome" option.
  • Choose the "occupy" outcome.
  • Click on the "new owner" section;
  • Press the "add civilization" on top and select the civilization you want to break out.
  • If you want to, you can proceed to add the provinces it'll occupy and all that.

With that being done, the country should appear (from my experience) when that outcome has been picked.


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