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World War 2 Except its Different Nations

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The Title Might Be Confusing let me Explain.

What if Prussia Never Ruled Germany, But Bavaria did?

What if England Never Formed The UK, But Scotland did?

What if France Never Unified, But Brittany did?

there is more! let me tell you the Nations


_____ Formed ______ instead of ______ - Scotland, Bavaria, Venice, Aragon, Danzig, Bohemia, Salzburg

_____ Conquered _______ instead of ______ - Korea, Tyrone, CSA, Sparta

_____ Never Got Conquered - Aztec Empire, Sikh Empire, Malacca, Majapahit, Maori

Other - Ming/Communist Ming, Russian Empire, Holland, Ottoman Empire, Albania, Portugal, Mongol Empire, Hungary, Wallachia, Macedon, Mughal Empire, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Riga, Livonian Order, Persian Empire


Also... its the same borders as WW2, and alliances/vassals.

Have Fun Controlling Majapahit as Holland




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