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Age of Civilizations
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About This Club

A club all about the Small Earth Project I am working on. Join for updates and news on current progress.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. setapdede

    620 AD in Small Earth

    am where you got that blank map of aoc1?
  3. LildawgGaming

    620 AD in Small Earth

    Interesting dude. I will be happy to make one.
  4. Something to fill the era gap i made this when i was working on G+. I havent finished the whole map but here is the half-finished one
  5. Maybe I can work on an Alternative Smalle Earth Project in the future.
  6. Maybe you can make a The Man in the High Castle too
  7. So a future scenario is wanted hands down. I will add that to the list.
  8. I am thinking of a 700AD Scenario for this project
  9. I am asking you guys to vote on which projects you wish to see. If you have other ideas, please tell me in the comments.