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Age of History 3

Helden der Welt Scenario

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Helden der Welt=“Heroes of the World” in German.


Me and several friends work on a hero universe similar to Marvel, DC, ect.  It is very complicated and requires alot of backstory to the World.  This story is currently being published on Deviant Art.


The Story:

This Earth is a world consisting of both magic and science.  Magic and Science go hand and hand in this world to a point that Magic is considered a science.  This creates many strange things.  Including Heroes, Villains, and the so called “Neutrals”.  Helden der Welt explores this along with an interesting twist on history.

334 BC, there were three species dominating Earth, with lesser ones here and there.  The Humans, The Nekos(Cat-like People), and the Kalingmire(Spider-like People).  Alexander the Great went to war with the Nekos, and subsequently, the Kalingmire.  The war devastated the known world, lesser species went extinct, and the Nekos were defeated by Alexander.

The Avarians, a species from another world watching over Earth, originally wanted to contact Earth...  However due to human aggression, they were scared to do so.

Alexander the Great wanted humanity to be the ones to rule the Earth.  So he banished the nekos to another realm.  Several nekos did manage to stay on Earth, and the Kalingmire went deep underground to escape, but the world was pretty much dominated by humans.

Alexander and his people began calling the Neko Empire, “Persia”, and destroyed all evidence of the nekos’ existence.  The Nekos were forgotten, and history followed the same path as our time line.  Nekos who managed to escape their fate from the realm were seen as monsters.

The Kalingmire over time went extinct due to disease underground.

The Avarians went into a massive war.

In the 1990’s, the Nekos, all at once, escaped the realm they had been trapped in.  Several regions with denser Neko populations formed new countries that split off from other “Human Dominated” countries.  A new world formed, and with villains seeking to either destroy the world or take power...  The situation seems dire...

ISIS still dominates most of Syria and Iraq.  Due to nekos, ISIS’s attacks had turned towards the new race.  An organization forms in Russia lobbying the eradication of the Nekos.  Nekos are treated really badly in most countries, especially Iran.  Iran is where the Nekos originally lived,  When they returned, they came under heavy fire from the Iranian government.  And finally, Nekos like Kassandra and others who went criminal began making Nekos look bad in many humans’ eyes.

Some countries, however, began accepting Nekos.  The US passed a new amendment, giving Nekos the right to everything a human has(After the FBI began capturing innocent Nekos and imprisioned them for being “Dangerous”.).  The United Kingdom began enforcing strict punishments to humans commiting hate crimes against Nekos.  And North Korea, out of all countries, was the first to give citizenship to nekos and even allowing them to join the military.

January 13th would become known as “The Day of the Nekos” by many.  As it was unexpected for their return.  Alexander was revealed as an evil man to some, and a hero to others.

With Avarian Contact, this world changes even further...

What is in store for this new and changed world?  One with many people on different sides of the spectrum of good and evil? Well... Your choice now...


Oh, and Salem, Illinois is a large city in this world.


Current Progress:

Paused due to Small Earth Project


Three Scenarios Planned:

2017 (Events currently half done)

334 (Actually completed)

Avarian Wars (Not Started)


2017 New Countries:

Neko Tocolida (Split from Tanzania)

Neko Central Asia

Neko Novallia (Split from China)

Neko Homeland (Can spawn because of certain events in Iran)

Neko Kenya (Spawned from Event)

Adopolis’s America, Zorcon’s America, Lace’s America, Shouja(Neko Supremacist Group) America (Depends on Government type in America)

The Organization (In Russia)

James’s China (Spawned from Event)


334(All Countries):




Lingshao(Lesser Species)

Dolido(Lesser Species)

Vasia(Lesser Species)



Avarian War:

Jazzie created the Avarians, and we haven’t developed them too much.  We plan to build on it later.



Certain Events are from the Helden der Welt story will appear, but I won’t reveal much because of Spoilers.

This project is on pause because of the Small Earth Project.


Helden der Welt story is typed by Lildawg

Characters within the story are made by Lildawg, Jazzie, Salty Loser, Mr. Crolock, Mispinkbutterfly, Otaku Junkie, and Wargame.

Early covers for the stories made by Mr. Crolock


Link: https://www.deviantart.com/lildawg32301/gallery/67565549/Helden-der-Welt

Edited by LildawgGaming

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Guest Huelium

sound really wierd and intresting at the same time,i like the idea of Alexander the Great purging Nekos.

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Helden der Welt Timeline:

December 26, 1991 (1 day after the fall of the Soviet Union) - Nekos free themselves from the Nightmare Realm.  This causes mass confusion, media outlets in America begin covering the stories of “Strange Cat People”.

December 31, 1991 - A neko protest is shot down by Iranian Soldiers in Tehran.  This begins the Neko Homeland Front.  Tehran falls immediately to the Nekos and a civil war breaks out.

January 15, 1992 - Nekos that ended up in Tanzania declares a new country, Tocolida.  Tanzania threatens war of Tocolida, but is stopped because the US began guarenteeing Tocolida.

January 18, 1992 - North Korea becomes the first country to give Nekos the same rights as a human.  Even going as far as to start recruiting Nekos into the military.

January 20, 1992 - China creates a Neko Puppet State, Novallia.  The Nekos are allowed to make their own rules as long as they don’t conflict with the ideologies of socialism.

March 23, 1992 - Neko Central Asia forms out of the weak countries created after the fall of the Soviets.

March 24, 1992 - FBI begins their illegal Neko Operations.

Febuary 6, 2006 - The FBI operations are shut down and is reorganized.  Kassandra Zorcon is the only neko not released due to a huge grudge.

November 11, 2014 - The Neko Homeland Front spills into Iraq, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.  The Neko Homefront and ISIS begins conflict with each other.

March 11, 2015 - An Anti-Neko Organization starts up in Russia.

November 2016 - Miguel Hannover takes over FBI.  Demiala Orial, a third party canidate, wins the Presidency, beating Trump and Hillary.

September 22, 2017 - Kassandra escapes a high security prison, beginning the main storyline of Helden der Welt.

September 23, 2017 - Project Helden is created by Gerald Adopolis, Miguel Hannover, and Demiala Orial.  They gather a bunch of people with physical skills, superpowers, magical abilities, ect.

The Scenario begins here.

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5 hours ago, JustAnUser said:

It looks like a very fun mod and i will play it, although i can't say that i'm not disappointed with the lack of Nekos in Japan and a Neo Neko-Anime empire with an anime catgirl as a leader. Anyways, thanks for the mod.


This is based on the Helden der Welt Universe.  In Helden der Welt, the Nekos came out of the realm and ended up all over the globe.  There are Nekos in Japan, and if modding support becomes avalible for android, I will add a "Nekoist" Ideology.

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The Nekoist Ideology would give this:

-10% Administration

+10% Tax Income

-20% Research

Acceptable Tax Rate: 20%

15% Goods

10% Investments


The nekos in Helden der Welt are more united than humanity.  While Nekos do have ethnic groups, there aren't as many as there are human ethnic groups.


Edit: This also means that Nekos could keep a hold of huge empires without too many problems because of less diversity.

Edited by LildawgGaming

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The timeline up above will no longer be accurate.  I finally made a neko age calculation and it conflicts with the whole story.

New Time Period:

The Nekos escape in 1953.

The FBI begins illegal operations in 1960's and are busted and punished in 1981.

I am gonna have to change alot for this to work.  I have already went through the process of changing some things in the Deviantart Story.

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2 hours ago, LildawgGaming said:

I finally made a neko age calculation and it conflicts with the whole story.

What is a "neko age calculation" though?

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