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Information about the new event chains & music!

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Unlike other ones, I'll try and keep this a bit shorter. Also, another quick announcement: there's been a bit of a lack of updates due to personal reasons, but CoA: 1836 is not being abandoned at all, so don't worry. Anyways, let me give you a quick rundown of the new features I've added recently:

  • UK and Germany now have an event chain to annex a Chinese few ports.

Both UK and Germany get events that are all around the same. The event initially asks them if they wish to request a trading port (Hong Kong for the UK, Qingdao for Germany) from China. If China denies, UK or Germany then gets an event to threaten with war if China doesn't hand over the province. If China still doesn't, UK or Germany gets an event where they can choose to declare war or not, although if they back down this far into it, they'll suffer a happiness loss.

  • US now gets an event about sending the Perry expedition.

It'll initially cost them 50000 gold, but if all goes successful, they gain a rather noticeable (around 15%) economy boost. Every step of the event can be accepted or denied, for instance, Japan can turn away the Perry expedition ships. However, because of a rework for the triggers for the Meiji Restoration, if Japan decides to be friendly to these ships, not only are they much likely to trigger the Meiji Restoration event, they also get an option to improve relations with the US.

  • Japan now gets 2 separate events that lead to rebellions during the Meiji Restoration.

Every turn the Meiji event-chain is underway, Japan gets a chance for the Bushido War to start. Once defeated, they have a chance to get the Satsuma rebellion event. These events are rather weak, however, and Japan shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with them.

While it doesn't seem like much, because I tried to make everything as player-friendly as possible, meaning they don't have any event forced unto them which they can't refuse. This is so any country can be played at, just not easily.


I've also spent some time making up a sort of a music add-on, consisting of many Victorian-era like songs (and some which aren't), although the music is not at all mine. It'll be released alongside The Forgotten East update.

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