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Hello Lukaz,


I have some suggestions for you game: age of civilisations2:


You have a very large fanbase that is counting on you to update the game! The limit right now is reached, where the people (including me) are saturated and need new content.

1. Saving system

- Ability to rename savestats


2. Buildings:

- Training camp: You can train Troops locatat in that Region to Stage 1, 2 and 3. You can specialize those troops for: neutral (can so everything), attack ( count as 1.5x when attacking. 0.8x when defending, ), defense (count x3 when defending, move slower (2 round required for 1 field) ) . When you simply train troops, they are neutral. You have to put them in a field with a Training camp, that can train *about 5000 per round (depending on level)

- Airport: Troops can travel between Airports with 3x speed - but with a limited amount. Cost is also higher.

- Health building - can heal a certain amout of people in a area (not only the field its on - depending on level) - There are deseases, so there has to be a way to fight deseases!

- Wall - A one time defense that counts as about 1000 People (depending on level). Own troops take longer to cross it, but enemies have to destroy it first to cross it!


3. Combat

- Airforce that move faster

- Navy that can bomb coasts without being on the field


4. Hud

- Tool, that allows to mark multiple fields to move troops all togehter with one klick (pleeeeeease add this - its really bad if you have to move 15 fields with 1000 people each) -> Also recruit in multiple fields you selected (like in the menu where you can see the recruitable troops -> you select multiple buttons of the fields and the amount of the available troops get added and viewed ad a whole amount of recruitable troops)

- Some sort of loop fonction that allows to do repeated actions: Like invest in economy each round with an Amout X or buy troops each mount with an amount X and that every round automatically



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