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The update is out, and early!

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The Update Is Out!!!

I have finally finished the update on this scenario, and it is done earlier than expected.

New Features:

 Events for Irish rebels in UK, if you do not release the Irish Free State expect a crushing happiness loss.

 Events for the rise of Mussolini in Italy, if you do not make Mussolini Prime Minister you risk a Fascist Civil War.

 Events for Nazi Germany leading up to WW2 such as the Pact of Steel, Invasion of Austria (Now Redone) and the Invasion of Czechoslovakia

 Nepal and Bhutan now added

 Four new Custom Civilizations, Trucial States, British Oman, British South Arabia & The National Fascist Party (Italy Rebels) 

 A whole lot of bug fixes

 Changed the rar file to a zip file

 Removed kebab

Try it out yourself!


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On 1/22/2019 at 3:51 AM, Istria said:

You should add Non-agression pact between Weimar Republic and France,UK,Spain etc. As they may attack Weimar Republic(Happened twice in my save)

Yes I will do that eventually, but non - aggression pacts have a limit of 40 turns.  That means I would have to make like 10 extremely tedious to make, long non aggression pacts.  Unfortunately the AI is weird sometimes.

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