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Guest Stef

Labour/concentration camps

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Guest Stef

I got an idea and would like to hear some of your reactions

The idea is to have an option to be able to build labour/concentration camps and deport people of other ethnicities to them(2 seperate ideas). The cost of these should be reasonably high.
The deportation option could be an option in the more tab when you click on a province(with every move taking a turn), then you can choose an ethnicity to deport, how many people to deport and where to deport them. Rebellions can start while deporting.
Once deported to a province with a camp there can happen 2 things, depending on the type of camp:

Labour camp: significantly boosts economy/production, death rates are moderate, happiness drops moderately, the nation(if it exists) becomes a bit more hostile depending on the number of workers, and rebellion chances go up depending on the amount of workers and the percentage of the population that is that particular ethnicity.

Concentration camps: costs fairly much, kills ~90%(with a maximum of around 1000 people) of the chosen nationality every turn, happiness drops significantly, the nation will become extremely hostile rising with the number of deaths and rebellion chances go up with a ton in all provinces with the particular ethnicity.

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