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Age of History 3

Governments++ Update V2 WIP

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Adds more governments to the game and thats it.
still being worked on and probably long time between updates.

Update V2

-renamed Communism to Socialist

Tried adding icons/crowns(Conservative Democracy, Liberal Democracy, Authoritarian Democracy, Social Democracy but somehow it doesn't load so i'll try it next time.



(note: will try re-adding them later)


one major problem while testing is China on the modern day scenario whos supposed to be socialist at the start of the game(because i renamed communism to Socialist), became a conservative democracy instead, and apparently Absolute monarchy(which is just renamed monarchy) is switched with marxism. So everyone on the 1444 scenario became all marxist excluding the hordes. However, they are still they're starting government, so it may look that everyone is marxist on 1444, they are still absolute monarchy, and china is also still socialist.


hopefully someone can help me fix this .


Total governments currently (including all base governments) :27 with plans to add more


im still working on this albeit slowly, will try and fix the problems, make the icons/crowns, balance its effects, make scenarios and add more.
Any suggestions will be welcomed


No this mod will not be translated 



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