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AoH2 Conquerors The Gathering Storm 1910 ve 1919 Senaryosu/AoH2 Conquerors The Gathering Storm 1910 and 1919 Scenario

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TR: Evet bu defa The Gathering Storm V2.0'ye Hoi4'teki The Great War'daki (ve onun Redux Beta'sındaki) 1910 ve 1919 senaryolarını Hoi4'teki The Great War'a (ve Redux'una) göre yapmaya çalıştım. (Evet bu defa bir çılgınlık daha: İki senaryo birden çıkarıyorum)

Event yoktur, hata olabilir, iyi oyunlar!

ENG: Yes this time I tried to make the 1910 and 1919 scenarios from The Great War (and it's Redux Beta) from the Hoi4's The Great War (and It's Redux Beta). (Yes another craziness: I'm releasing two scenarios at one time)

There are no events, there might be issues, good playing!



1910 and 1919.rar civilizations_editor.rar

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9 hours ago, wbladew5 said:

nasıl olacak o?


  • Baltic Firestorms begin in Central Latvia.


  • A decade of chaos ensues as rising sea levels, collapsing economies, broken alliances, and other calamities begin plaguing the world. These crises eventually lead to the creation of 1.2 billion refugees from destabilized nations, made up of families, civil workers of varying professions, and even military personnel, all forced to work together to survive. They are dubbed the "non-patriated" by international media, which leads to the refugees calling themselves "No-Pats".


  • October 9: Hurricane Zeta, the world's first true Category 6 storm, forms.


  • January 11: Global food and fuel crises begin the Second Great Depression.


  • August 8: The EU collapses following the dissolution of Germany.


  • In order to deal with the chaotic world, humanity begins implementing advancements in energy, desert irrigation, hydraulic levees, and coastal walls. These succeed, as entire stretches of coastal cities, farmland, and supply chains are saved from destruction, leading to some nations reopening their borders in hopes for stability. The No-Pats, however, become a fixed figure in the political sphere as repatriation for them has become an impossibility, and they are still distrustful of the authorities that exiled them, establishing their refusal to return to society. They elect their own leaders and form their own identities and adopt #WeAreNoPats as a rally in the line of sand between them and the old world.
  • While the world recovers, tensions rise between the US and Russia as they fight for control of the swiftly changing world.


  • A sudden space debris surge of unknown causes disables over 70% of orbiting Earth satellites, causing mass worldwide devastation through plane crashes, comms blackouts, and supply chain halts. Oil, coal, and grain prices skyrocket and over 100,000 lives are reported lost through dubious claims. This disaster would be called the "Blackout of 2040" due to its fatal effects on the internet, navigation, surveillance, and weather forecasts.
  • With intelligence gathering becoming ineffectual, mutual distrust ensues as both superpowers blame each other as well as the No-Pats (citing anarchic reasons) for the blackout. Regardless, the ex-military among the No-Pats form "Specialists" in self-made "Task Forces" for self-defense. They are utilized by both sides in a proxy shadow war over resources after being promised a share of what remains, though their motives remain the same: Fighting not for a flag, but a future.


  • The War for Mankind begins. Battlefield 2042 Senaryosu iyi olur bence

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