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The Kepler Civs Pack 1

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    • By 111dendenden111
      Hello guys! This scenario for fast game and have one event(BROKEN NEED FIX) 11 civs (custom) in my plans create team for make more scenarios for kepler 22b (Need dowload The Kepler Civs Pack 1    find in civizations)
      The Starter Era (-125 year)(scenario for fast game).rar
    • By 111dendenden111
      Kepler scenario in 1876 (alternative history on Kepler 22B) This in my first scenario. Have events (BROKEN) 2 custom Factions (RU) 3 Aliances (for my custom factions dowload my civs.rar

      my civs.rar
    • By 111dendenden111
      Hello this scenario alternative history on Kepler 22B. Me love this map!!! Me make more scenarion on Kepler 22B. (sorry no events :( )
      Kepler 1800.rar my civs.lnk
    • By Hawx00145
      I decided to play on the keplar map and after I was done putting all my settings I started. Once I did I wanted to recruit, but it says I need 10.0 movement points to do so. I only had 8.0. I tried to find ways to increase my movement points by increasing tech level. But it was going to take forever to get to a full 1.00 tech level needed to acquire 10.0 movement points.... Why did I needed 10.0 movement points... Usually you need 1 or 2 movement points. 
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