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Morbius is the best movie ever

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After due consideration, I have determined that Morbius (2022) is an important film, perhaps the most important film of the 21st century. What writers Burl Sharpless and Matt Samaza (the creative masterminds who penned the widely misunderstood Gods of Egypt (2016) and the vastly underrated Dracula Untold (2014)) have done here is nothing short of commendable. Director Daniel Espinosa (who also helmed sci-fi gem Life (2017)) brilliantly brings this material to life with his artful direction; the brooding and dark cinematography brilliantly conveys the theme of bats, and is at times reminiscent of the work of Argentõ. Samaza and Sharpless also made the brilliant decision to keep the length at a brisk and efficacious 1h 44m, as they trust the viewer to be intelligent enough to fill in the gaping holes in the plot (after all nothing is as terrifying as ones own imagination). This provides time for far more necessary scenes such as when the villain (brilliantly brought to life by Matt Smith) dances while putting in a well fitted suit; I found this scene in particular to be a wonderful demonstration of milo’s carefully executed character growth from a harmless cripple to eccentric vampire with the disposition of a true thespian of the silent era. Jared Leto gives perhaps his most brilliant performance since Chapter 27 (2007) as Dr. Michael Morbius. I also greatly admired the parallels Samaza and Sharpless drew between the Morbius and Nieztche’s concept of the Übermensch (certainty a rarity for superhero fanfares). I also picked up hints of Cain and Abel in Morbius and Milo’s relationship (after all, is this not a biblical story at heart?). Unfortunately, I cannot delve further into the story so as not to rotten the experience of those uninitiated to Morbius (2022), but needless to say the atypical structure of the second half can only be compared to the works of new wave directors like Godard and Truffaut. I implore any and all to seek out Morbius(2022). although Morbius (2022) seems to have completely flown over most critics heads, Audiences are responding to the film in a way not scene since before the pandemic, and I personally have complete faith that Morbious will become a cult classic in the coming years.


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