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9 hours ago, Bruh_moment_AF said:

Why original post got removed?

Friction with the anglophonic community.


The Russian speaking community has had access for the mod for what, over a year now? And we got diddly. The mod author ignoring the anglophone community naturally built up resentment and so when he missed the release date people got angry and I assume it was deleted out of spite. The Russian community still recieves updates.


Researched a little more, it was cancelled, here's the announcement


Addon and ASC officially EVERYTHING!

( 11/22/2019 - 02/27/2023 )From this day on, Addon development is discontinued. Why so? In an attempt to chase perfection, the flame of motivation gradually fades away and goes into naught - sooner or later the question arises: "is this a matter of time spent". Remember the first versions of Addon - everything was done as soon as possible and met the requirements of the segment. Now it’s exactly the opposite. This development can last forever, but the desire to work on this matter is not forever. I do not want to give someone false hopes and excuses - I say as it is. In my opinion, the project after 1.4 deserved a unlimited vacation.What about ASC?






For me, it was like "Austria-Hungary" - a large-scale and ambitious project, though at any moment everything would go at the seams. It makes no sense to continue its development, given that the name is decrypted as Addon-Scenario.


But the works were not in vain - the entire Addon legacy passes into ownership Scenario + | Age of Civilizations 2. All developments will be integrated in subsequent updates.

For all development questions, contact Mikhail of the Russians




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