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Addon SC Is Dead

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Addon and ASC is officially OVER!
( 11/22/2019 - 02/27/2023 )

From this day on, Addon development is discontinued.
Why so? In an attempt to chase perfection, the flame of motivation gradually fades away and goes into naught - sooner or later the question arises: "is this worth the time spent?". Remember the first versions of Addon - everything was done as soon as possible and met the requirements of the segment. Now it’s exactly the opposite. This development can last forever, but the desire to work on this mod is not forever. I do not want to give someone false hopes and excuses - I say as it is. In my opinion, the project after 1.4 deserved a rest.What about ASC?

For me, it was like "Austria-Hungary" - a large-scale and ambitious project, though at any moment everything would rip apart. It makes no sense to continue its development, given that the name stands for Addon-Scenario. (another russian mod)

But the works were not in vain - the entire Addon legacy passes into ownership Scenario + | Age of Civilizations 2 (https://vk.com/scenario_aoc2). All developments will be integrated in subsequent updates.
For all development questions, contact Mikhail (https://vk.com/michael_russians)


Now my two cents: The mod has basically been dead ever since 1.4. They've made a few attempts of releasing test version of Addon 2.0 somewhere around 2020, if you guys are interested, I might go digging and find them to upload here. The Russian community fully lives on VK and never talks about anything here. I will be the bridge between the Russian and Western AoH community. Addon developers decided to join their efforts with the devs of Scenario+ which has custom coded stuff in it, like diplomacy flags from AoH1. Unfortunately, it seems the devs ran out of motivation and the mod was killed off. If anything ever comes up, I'll be sure to post an update here. The Scenario+ Mod group link (where whatever was made during Addon SC's development) will be used in:

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