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Thirty Years' War: Europe in Flames. Concept

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The Thirty Years' War was a significant conflict in European history that lasted from 1618 to 1648. Here is a potential mod concept for Age of Civilizations II (AOC2) that could simulate this historic conflict:

  1. Map: The mod would need to include a map of Europe in the early 17th century, with accurate borders and territories for each nation involved in the conflict.

  2. Nations: The mod would need to include all the nations that participated in the Thirty Years' War, including the Holy Roman Empire, Sweden, France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic.

  3. Units: The mod would need to include new unit types that reflect the weapons and tactics of the period, such as musketeers, pikemen, and cavalry.

  4. Religion: The religious aspect of the war was significant, so the mod could include a religious mechanic, where the player can choose a state religion or convert to another religion to gain support or allies.

  5. Diplomacy: Diplomacy would be a crucial aspect of the mod, as the war involved many alliances and shifting loyalties. Players would need to negotiate treaties, form alliances, and engage in diplomacy to win the war.

  6. Events: The mod would need to include historic events that shaped the course of the war, such as the Defenestration of Prague, the Peace of Westphalia, and the Battle of White Mountain.

  7. Victory Conditions: The mod would need to have clear victory conditions, such as capturing specific territories or achieving certain diplomatic goals.

Overall, this mod could provide an exciting and historically accurate way for players to experience the conflict of the Thirty Years' War in AOC2.

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