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Hello there, I think there should be a console command "removeplayer" opposing the addplayer command. This would be very handy in situations where you want to change the side completely .

For example playing the WWII scenario as Germany first, building a strong Axis - then addplayer Soviet Russia, removeplayer Germany and viola you are now playing as Soviets trying to defeat the beast you have built before.

It can make the game more enjoyable in prolonged games.

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This would be great for event triggered civil wars.

Where the player gets to decide which side the player wants to play as.

Take the Spanish civil war

We can easily have it to trigger on a specific date, but thats it.

(This is where a player is not involved)

The fascist side annexes land from the communist side. Both declare on each other. They fight for a few turns. They either white peace or either side doesn't have enough victory points to fully annex the other side.

This irritates me.

When a player is playing as Spain, after a few turns the Spanish civil war event triggers with the options "Play as Republican Spain" or "Play as Nationalists Spain"

If they pick "Play as RS" the game continues as normal. However, if the player picks "Play as NS" the player will then be playing as NS.

And in all cases, whichever side wins will control all of Spain and not just part of it.

This is what should happen in any civil war. . .

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