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I know there already ideas to make new buildings and I still think that should be included, but I also think that it would be cool if we could make our own buildings with our own affects but we can also choose what type of building it will be like a monument or something, but this mechanic should be done while your playing the game. And out of curiosity, are there going to be different types of weapons in warfare? for example there would be a creation of a crossbow which will make things advanced, It'll also be cool that as the civilization advances you can make more advanced weapons which would be cool. I also think that stuff like famines and disease could just be added at their historically appropriate times rather than just showing up completely out of nowhere. This final idea of mines is more outside the game than inside which is that It could be cool if a person could save what they added in their game like new flags or scenarios because people aren't gonna play AOC3 on the same device so it would be cool if they transferred it if you made like an account with all your stuff in or something

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مرحبا صديقي لوكاس اتمنى منك اضافة اللغة العربية في اللعبة الرسمية وايضا ان تركز على الحروب النابليونية كذلك لاتنسى الشرق الاوسط  والاحداث التي حصلت فيه خاصة بلدي العراق مع تحياتي لك ❤

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16 hours ago, Łukasz Jakowski said:

Will be possible to create own buildings, with special bonuses, images etc.

Wait is the AOH3 going to have victory points instead of conquering every providence of that country?

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11 年 28 月 2023 日上午 9 点 51 分,刚果的阿瑞斯一世说:

我知道已经有建造新建筑的想法,我仍然认为应该包括在内,但我也认为,如果我们能用自己的影响建造自己的建筑,那就太酷了,但我们也可以选择什么类型的建筑,就像纪念碑或其他东西一样,但这个机制应该在你玩游戏时完成。出于好奇,战争中会有不同类型的武器吗?例如,会创造一个弩,这将使事情变得先进,随着文明的进步,你可以制造更先进的武器,这将很酷。我还认为,像饥荒和疾病这样的东西可以在历史上适当的时间添加,而不是完全凭空出现。地雷的最后一个想法更多的是在游戏之外而不是在游戏内部,也就是说,如果一个人可以保存他们在游戏中添加的内容,比如新标志或场景,那可能会很酷,因为人们不会在同一台设备上玩 AOC3,所以如果他们转移它会很酷,如果你像一个帐户一样,里面有你所有的东西或其他东西


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      Hi, I need your help translating the Age of History 3 to your native language.
      Your translation into your native language would be very helpful! ❤️

      In the attachment is a file with new texts in the game to be translated.

      How to make translation:

      In the file there is list of texts in the game

      The Left side is the key, do not change it!

      The right side of each line after = is the translation to your language




      ChooseAnAdvisorToHire = Choose an Advisor to Hire

      ChooseAnAdvisorToHire is the key, don't change it


      Correctly made translation:

      ChooseAnAdvisorToHire = Your translated text
      ClickToHireAnAdvisor = Your translated text
      ClickToFireAnAdvisor = Your translated text


      ShiftClickToInvestXTimes = Shift + Click to invest {0} times

      In the place of {0} will be placed number or text

      PerformTheActionXTimes = Perform the action {0,choice,0#{0} times|1#{0} time|1<{0,number,integer} times}



      For now the game is translated to: Only English language!


    • Bloody Europe II | New update
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:
      -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces)

      -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future

      -New fonts and music

      -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and union

      -You will see changes in the game code that will change the game significantly
    • Events - Common events for every civilization in the game
      in this topic, I am interested in your ideas for events that can happen for every Civilization in the game.
      I'm also interested in Missions for every Civilization.

      Here is some example, have more than 10k army, have more than 5000 gold, build 10 buildings, recruit an Advisor, increase tax efficiency 20 times, be largest  producer of some resource in the world, unlock 5 Civilization legacies etc.
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    • First preview of the Alpha version of Age of History 3
      First preview of the Alpha version of Age of History 3, YouTube.
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    • Land units - Ideas AoH3
      AoH3 will have different types of land units.

      In this topic we will write ideas for new land units. 


      So the AoH 3 will have new battle system.

      Representation of the battlefield in the game.

      Land units will be grouped into 3 types. Each unit will have a different recruitment cost, attack, defense, movement speed and upkeep.

      Groups determine the placement of units on the battlefield.


      Each unit can be unlocked by researching technology and then upgraded.


      Here is the current list of units with upgrades:

      First line:

      Warrior -> Light Footmen -> Heavy Infantry -> Infantry -> Line Infantry -> Modern Infantry

      Hoplites -> Spearmen -> Pikeman -> Elite Pikeman -> Musketeer -> Riflemen -> Mechanized Infantry -> Modern Mechanized Infantry

      First line side:

      Horseman -> Elite Horseman -> Cavalry -> Tank -> Modern Tank

      Second line:

      Archer -> Bowmen -> Crossbowman -> Elite Crossbowman

      Canon -> Field Cannon -> Artillery -> Modern Artillery

      Early Airplane -> Airplane -> Modern Airplane


      This is a very early version, so maybe something should be changed?

      Or maybe an idea for a new type of unit with upgrades? I'm waiting for your suggestions.

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