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Age of History 3

More accurate Manhatten project/nukes & more accurate places of worship

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Also that the Manhatten project should just be called Manhatten project only when playing as USA but when playing as another country it should be called its corresponding nuclear program name or simply devolop nuclear bombs 




Also I suppose the temple dependinngon each civilization would change to its corrsopening religion for example

Pagan Buddhist Hindu all have temples so ig that could work

But as for judiasm a synagogue, chrisitans churches islam it shall be a mosque am i right?





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I think the mechanics relating to nuclear weapons and the development of nuclear weapons should be worked on. This is a game changer for the AOC series.

I think that there should be the option to sanction certain countries I.e. Iran and North Korea for being in possession of or conspiring to build nuclear weapons.

I also believe that countries with nuclear weapons should be able to upgrade them as time progresses.

The game should give us the option to drop nuclear bombs from a plane or via ballistic missiles depending on the year.

The option to carry out espionage against another country's nuclear program should also be made available provided the player invests in their spy agency.

The option to illicitly sell nuclear materials to rebel and terrorist organisations (if they are added to the game) could also be another game changing mechanic that reflects the dangers of nuclear proliferation today

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