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haiiii this mod is a bundle of little changes and small tweaks to make the game more fun while still keeping the game pretty vanilla (so there will be nothing like capitulation, new maps, or a billion government types)


This mod is based on The Lost Update (shoutouts to chairman baad), so all those lil changes TLU has are here too.

it's also only fo android for now.


alsoalso do note that this is my first mod and it's really half-assed so i could've accidentally fucked up something on the code -- if u find something crashes or smth like that please tell me ^_^



here r the things tha ts mod changes


ok so first of all this mod doesn't include any brand new scenarios (bc i suck at scenariomaking) but there's still some tweaks on some vanilla ones (plus a new version of the 1440 scenario)

- Global changes include:

• Technology levels adjusted, make it make more sense ,,,

• Colonization instead of Conquering neutral provinces, bc conquering makes the game so slow at first

• More population and economy


ok so now not global ones

- 5: 100% population for Rome, government types tweaked a bit, now including tribes!!! like. the germanic ones. also chops away America, Africa, and Oceania from the scenario. the dudes there didn't do anything ever. A secret ultra awesome event was given to rome!!!

- 1200: Government types tweaked a bit also, tribes are bigger.

- 1440: Straight up jus vanilla 1440 (got lazy soz)

- 1442: 1440 but with some tiny changes -- alliances, bigger tribes, different government types for some civs, more relations, fixed some population issues.

- Napoleonic Wars: Mostly the same, i fixed prussia's population being so little in some provinces tho.

- Victorian Era: This scenario is very unfixable just with tiny changes, so theres like nothing different on this one. (was thinking on deleting it altogether but 

- World War II: Gave germany and Italy better relations (mostly to make it so even if they insult each other a bit they don't break the alliance (shoutouts to that mechanic i just added) and also gave them worse relations with everyone else

- Modern World: This one is fine, i didn't do anything other than making colonization be there instead of conquest.


if i didn't mention ur favorite scenario jn that list soz but ur scenario got shot (it might revive if i feel like it didn't deserve to get shot tho)



These changes mostly affect population and are most noticable in the victorian era scenario and earlier


- All provinces pertaining to a civilization start with 100% of their population, making tribes not as awful.

- All neutral provinces start with 75% of their population, instead of the like 10% from vanilla.

- The map has warmer growth rates, so there's just more ppl overall



War n alliances n stuff 


- u get more war points (all of them actually)

- You actually gotta prepare for war !! 

- Declaring war without preparing is disabled if you own less than 50 provinces 

- Non-aggression pacts, alliances, and defensive pacts block you from declaring war to the civ you have those thingies with, as they should.

- Plundering is more effective, and can be done jn your own provinces.

- Rebels are harder, better, faster, stronger and more plentiful -- they can also form any civilization from any age. (alsoalso, they get a bit of extra economy when they declare independence, making breakaways actually matter a bit more)

- Now you can send an ultimatum no matter your relations (also to vassals)

- You can buy core provinces from the AI!!! buying provinces is also a bit cheaper

- AI civilizations can form bigger alliances (bigger in both members and provinces) and will do so way more often

- AI civilizations will ask for an union when asking for an alliance, they'll also join unions more often.

- Civilizations leave alliances if they don't have good relations with another member.



thingies to make colonization better and actually worth it


- Colonization is way more expensive to do before the discovery age or outside your own continent (not really a good change but it makes more sense)

- The growth rate bonus is bigger and lasts 125 turns.

- All colonies start with extra economy (35% of the province's population + 750 flat)

- Reduced the diplomacy points used to colonize (now instead it uses a lot of movement points)

- AI colonizes a lot more stuff

- Colonization costs can go way lower than jn vanilla, even reaching 0 in some cases.

- Uncivilizations can't colonize anything, just cuz.



also some changes on government related stuff 


- Government types matter a lot more when forming alliances

- The change government thingy doesn't show government types that aren't available at the age you're at. (also tweaked that a bit, the first age starts with only democracy and monarchy are available, and almost every new age a new type of government is unlocked)

- All government types now have a purpose on this world, as in, a more obvious boost on a certain aspect --

• Democracy: Tax income

• Monarchy: Administration costs

• Republic: Production income

• City-state: Everything

• Horde, Fascism, Communism: Military costs (ordered from biggest to smallest boost)


• Rebels: Defense

- Oh yeah also new government type hype!!!!! Chiefdom!!!!!! it's not that important it's just a middle step between tribal and monarchy, you go from tribal to chiefdom @ 0.25 tech, and from chiefdom to monarchy @ 0.35 tech -- it's jus tribal with slightly better stats.




- Golden ages of military can actually happen.

- It's just that one 




- there's some extra formables here and there

- being part of the HRE or not matters a lot more when forming alliances (making it pretty hard to join an alliance with someone out of the empire when you're inside of it or vice versa)

- No diseases. ever.

- investments take 10 turns instead of 4

- festivals are more effective 

- max turns of assimilating raised to 100, and now it doesn't require diplomacy points.

- The minimum economy in a province was raised from 99 to 300 

- ai aggressiveness at 0% min, 1000% max

- abandoning provinces makes them not lose as much population, and it can be done with occupied provinces.

- tweaked dice bonuses, giving a bigger bonus (7.5% instead of 2.5%) and giving the attackers a max of 9 instead of 6.

- removed a lot of stuff -- like leader images, maps other than the earth one, and some really uninteresting scenarios (if u think i shud bring some thingy from these back feel free to shout at me)


so yeah that's about it this isn't a big big giant mod that changes a lot of stuff in the game it's just a bit of changes to make some parts of the game better

here's the download link thingy ^_^

link thingy



also here's some thingies I've yet to do


- More formables et unions!!!

- formables should actually be useful (maybe a boost on happiness¿)

- Making the HRE actually useful (How?)

- Colonization costs should shrink the more a game progresses, instead of being dependent on the age

- conquering neutral provinces should give a small colonization growth rate bonus thingy.

- flattening more bugs (wanna remove the offer military access one, or some others on the trade request thing, that speaking of ,,,

- removing some things from the trade request thing (right side, gold and declare war -- because they serve no purpose other than being abused to get infinite money or making any civilization go on war with anyother))

- fix some inconsistencies (like the assimilation thingy still saying it uses 0.6 diplopoints when it doesn't)

- making the offer vassalization option work as intended (?) idk really what lukasz had in mind with it but i could try to make it so u can vassalize small friendly civilizations

- make friendly civilizations give u gifts


feel free to suggest anythingy (that's not too hard to code) tha u think would make this game better also ^_^

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