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Germanic Tribes Stronk

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I started a game with the 5 AD Start Date.  I decided to play risky and choose a Germanic Tribe Close to Rome.  I began by dominating my weaker neighbors.  Soon, a small coalition formed against Rome.  I was the only one who managed to take land as everyone else died.  Soon I had an army and threatened all of the other Germanic Tribes to become my vassals, eventually annexing them. 


However this came at a cost.  I had to assimilate ALOT of territory.  Thankfully, Rome was being nice to me.


After assimilating a whole lot of territory for about 2 hundred turns, I discovered America and defeated some Native American Monarchies.


Parts of Central and South America was gobbled up pretty easily.  Assimilation also wasn't too hard.


Then I turned my focus to the giant red monster of Rome in Europe.  I built up my armies and...







...They surrendered without a fight...


No, I am not joking.  I was so scary strong, that I vassalized Rome and eventually ate them in their entirety.  They also could have EASILY matched me.  But they took the coward's route and submitted to me.


I plan on continuing this playthrough.  I have A THOUSAND TRUCK LOADS of land to assimilate now.


Difficulty: Normal

Fog of War: Discovery

AI Aggressiveness: 125%



Note: I made my empire bright green to help show it better on the second map.



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This is actually a really good strategy, easier to do in later scenarios cuz german lands are worth the same and there is no ROME but well done

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On 12/29/2018 at 8:37 AM, LildawgGaming said:

The Plan:

I am gonna have to divide the region between various vassals.  I have too much land to assimilate.

Good one time i just made all of my land into one vassal and they got to powerful

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