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Alright,so I want to form a civilization,and instead of making a flag for it in the game,I want to add a flag which I,(lets say Installed it from Google) Installed.How do I do that?
Here is the flag I want to upload.It would be very much appreciated if you guys help. 

IU Flag 1.5.png

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Very easy. if ur on mobile i think its not possible - but on pc:
1. find your civilization that you made in-game in game > civilizations_editor
2. make a flag and resize it to 68x44, and also resize one to 27x18. You can use http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/upload for this
3. on ur custom civ folder you will find some images called "dkgsgshbdgksdhgjkds_FLH" and "jdsjgsdjgsdkgjnsd_FL" (or whatever they're called), paste your 68x44 and 27x18 flags in your folder
4. copy the FLH name, delete it, rename your 68x44 flag to that, now copy the FL name, delete it, rename your 27x18 flag to that
5. you're all set. now you have custom flag 🙂

Es bastante fácil. Si estás en celular creo que no se puede, pero en pc:
1. encuentra tu pais que hiciste en el juego en la carpeta "game>civilizations_editor"
2. haz una bandera y cambia su tamaño a 68x44, y otra a 27x18. Puedes hacerlo con esta pagina bastante facilmente: http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/upload
3. en tu carpeta de tu pais vas a encontrar imagenes con nombres similares a estos: "dkgsgshbdgksdhgjkds_FLH" y "jdsjgsdjgsdkgjnsd_FL", pega tus banderas de 68x44 y 27x18 en tu carpeta de pais
4. copia el nombre de la FLH, borrala, renombra tu bandera 68x44 con el nombre viejo de la FLH, ahora haz lo mismo con la FL y tu bandera 27x18
5. eso es todo lo que tienen que hacer, ya tienen su bandera personalizada. 🙂

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