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Age of History 3

World Trade / Banks

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Countries would have a national bank if they have a big enough economy to have one.

This would allow countries to ask for loans and such which would give a boost to your own country in the long run. I feel this would allow small countries to compete with larger countries. Quickly able to obtain wealth and control certain countries without being friendly with them.

A country like Switzerland would have more financial influence to it's neighbors. The more nations that are trading with you the faster your nation grows but makes you more valuable to aggressive countries. 


World trade would start small. Like your immediate neighbors and they grow to over the whole world as you start to trade with them.

To be simple, trades would be mostly though money/ loans and the repay loan would have a certain interest rate on your choice.

This would allow growth from other growing nations to benefit your nation also.

Funding wars would also work in this way in that if the side you funded win the War you can take money made from those gained provinces.

For example, the winner gained 5 provinces from the loser side. Those provinces have a economy of 6000 each, you would get a certain percent from that based on how much you funded a war.

Those countries can fund there own war but if they accept funds from another country they would have to give up some percent of the gained economy for a certain amount of turns.

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