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Irish empire

How to play legendary and win!


For anyone wondering how to beat legendary and be a good at the game here you go!

There are some absolute most know tips to be good at age of civs 2

Number 1 would be getting the trading system perfected 

Trading is a great featured for the game that when perfected is deadly.even when fogthing a major nation like Rome as a small nation it's easy to win with a fee trading tricks!!one of the absolute best ones is giving a nation 100 gold and saying they should declare war on your victim nation this nearly aleeays works and can break alliances up that are scaring you.with a partner helping you fight you distract troops and occasionally no more troops will arrive in your theatre!this makes for a quicl easy win and if you want spam this feature and have the entire world fighting for you!

Number 2.LOANS!!! When I started playing I didn't realise how important losnd were and getting better at the game now I realize they're crucial the enemy will always take loans on legendary and fight you to the last man so makes sense you do the same.take loans as soon as you feel the tables are turning in their favour and recruit an army to send them all the way back

Number 3.my last tip for now is economy 

Choose a area like southern islands or something and develop the crap out of them make them your factories literally.most ai don't really do this so if you can do! 


I hope you find these useful if you want more just ask and I'll post some more cheers Irish empire


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1 hour ago, Irish empire said:

дать нации 100 золотых и Говоря, что они должны объявить войну вашей стране-жертве

 This is a bug use, since they are ready to attack for 0 gold lol

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