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Should Tatarstan(purple) be part of Russia?  

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This would be staged in 2147 after World War 3. The war replaced and changed many nations' borders and its ideologies. The war separates the world into three pieces: Pro-NATO states, anti-NATO states and Fascist states.

This scenario has no relations with the current political status of the countries. No offense towards people, religion or political parties is intended.

spoiler: there are no nukes

The entire backstory of the WW3:

Tensions rise between China and the US, while Russia creates a military alliance called the Eurasian Pact which consists of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

After many years of conflict, China declares war on Taiwan.

US quickly responds to the attack, and mobilizes troops along with Taiwan.

The US succeed landing in China, but soon gets pushed out by the massive Chinese army.

The war keeps remaining as a stalemate, and armies of each side are being exhausted by either attempts to land the area.

Because of exhausted army and pointless efforts to land in Taiwan, revolts, especially for independence, rise around China.

Meanwhile, people in North Korea starts a revolt against its regime.

The North Korean army tries to crush the rebels, but fail. They ask for China to help, but it is unable for China to manage all of their own rebels and the US attacks.

The rebels and South Korea finally ends the regime of North Korea, and the peninsula finally unifies to one state, the Republic of Korea. 

Korea joins the war against China.

Mongolia intervenes the war, and joins with the Inner Mongolian rebels.

Because of those rebels, China backs out of the war and makes peace. Thus, Tibet, Uyguristan, Manchuria and other states gain independence. Land is ceded to Mongolia and Korea, while Mongolia gains the "Mongolian Corridor" to gain sea access.

Russia mobilizes its army and attacks Ukraine, sparking war in Europe. 

The european NATO member states join the war against Russia. They occupy Ukraine and create a pro-NATO state.

Since Russia is concentrated to the European Front, other republics of Russia, such as Karelia, Komi, Siberia and Sakha seeks chance to gain sovereignty.

A democratic party gets elected in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan leaves the Eurasian Pact and backs out of war. 

Russia declares war to Kazakhstan.

Fearing that they would be the next of Russian conquest, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan joins Kazakhstan's side.
Meanwhile during the war, Brazil turns into a fascist dictatorship. Shortly afterwards, Egypt, and Mexico becomes a fascist state.

Manchuria joins the war against China to regain Outer Manchuria.

By the help of the US, Korea intervenes the war against Russia.

Poland, Lithuania and the neighboring states succeed attacking Belarus, and it surrenders.

After many attempts, the Polish and Lithuanian troops reach Kaliningrad while the Finnish troops and Karelian Rebels capture St. Petersburg.

Now surrounded by rebels and enemies, Russia struggles to keep out the enemy troops out of the country and to keep their land taken by rebels.

Finally, the Russian Federation surrenders.

Karelia, Komi-Nenets, Siberia, Yakutia(Sakha), Tuva, North Caucasus Federation, and Tataristan, gains independence.

Karelia joins Finland.

Kazakhstan, Uyguristan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan joins into one nation - the Federation of Turkestan

Siberia asks Yakutia to join the federation, but Yakutia refuses to join and seizes the Khabarovsk bay, causing the Siberian Federation break in two: Federation of Siberia and the Republic of East Siberia(also known as the Republic of the Far East)

(There are some other small battles afterwards in the middle east and Turkey, but lets skip that since its insignificant)

The war is now finally over.

NATO is then separated in sectors: the North American Organization consisting of the US, and Canada, West European League consisting of the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and the Central European Pact consisting of Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This was caused because nations in Asia also joined the organization, which consists of Korea and Japan, which makes up the East Asian Pact.

After the rise of fascism in Egypt, it declares war on Sudan. After a lot of expansion, Egypt takes control of most of Northeastern Africa.

Brazil also captures Uruguay.

Meanwhile in the Balkans, Serbia recaptures most of Ex-Yugoslavia and become the Neo Yugoslavian Kingdom.

The map will be there after this post since there are too many provinces that I need to change.

Give me some feedback for this scenario.

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On 30/1/2019 at 21:35, BrakeCoachStudios said:


Thai se transforma en el Imperio de Siam, un estado fascista

Controla Myanmar, Laos y Malasia.

vasallos: ciudad libre de Singapur, estado de Khmer

this are died

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