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Age of Civilizations

Changing music in Android

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I enjoy AOC2. But, the music isn't really to my taste. I'd like to be able to edit what music plays in the game. I am on Android. I have downloaded an A P K editor so that I can access and edit the game files. Is anybody able to help?

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Go to assets - >music. Add your own music. The music must be in ogg format. You must not delete "Impact_Allegretto" and "Scheming_Weasel". Impact_Allegretto is the music that plays while the game is loading, Scheming_Weasel is the music that plays when the console is open. If you want to replace this music with your own, rename your music to Impact_Allegretto or Scheming_Weasel and add it to the folder. After you add your music to the folder, open the file with the names of the music and write the names of the music that you added.

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