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Age of History 3
Zar Hibbedat

Age of Nirn

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This Mod will include a Map of Nirn, many Civilizations, Scenarios, New Icons

"Regions" that will be included are Tamriel, the sunken Continent of Yokuda, Thras, Aldmeris, Atmora, Roscrea, Esroniet, Ynslea, Cathnoquey, Pyandonea and of course Akavir

The Continent of Lyr will not be included

Civilizations that will be included are The Empire of Tamriel/ Empire of Cyrodiil, The Aldmeri Dominion, Argonia/ Blackmarsh, Morrowind, Skyrim etc.

Scenarios that will be included are The Great War (Aldmeri Dominion vs Empire Of Tamriel), Oblivion Crisis, Stormcloak Rebellion, The Argonian Attack on Morrowind

I will upload an Image after Cyrodiil is done (won't take long, i swear... Alinor and Thras are already done)

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