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Age of History 3

1920 Scenario (1.2 UPDATE)

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1.2 UPDATE!!!
Hooray!  It is finally here!

It includes:

 Tons of new events such as, The Spanish Civil War, The Great Emu War, and Blitzkrieg

 New ideologies, Socialism, Social Democracy, Federal Republic and The Constitutional Monarchy

 For some countries, different flags for the new ideologies

 Technology levels for most countries, some of them are not realistic, and are only there to balance the game to make it more realistic

  Added Manchuria as only a Chinese Vassal to simulate Japanese influence 

 Much more!

 Removed kebab

1.2 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/65t01ep1hzmq5o3/1920_1.2.zip/file

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