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Hello friends! I have couple ideas for aoh2 let's begin shall we?

1 generals: you'd have generals from that specific country and time of the year, a 5 star general like Germany's Rommel or manstein

My idea is, you click on 1 or more separate armies and assign the general with bonuses like.

5+ movement increase per turn.

25% attack and 10% defence(on specific terrain)

Cost per turn would be based on how good the general is if he is a 5 star then like 1000 or 2000 coins per round.

2nd idea is supporting rebels in more ways.

1:influencing your ideology within the said country (so they become more friendly towards your nation.)

2: foreign legion you would be able to send SOME amount of soldiers and control them on the battlefield (without declaring war)

3: giving money for specific tasks for example,build forts on this Frontline, building farms for population growth etc.

3rd: customizable templates for units.

Give specific types of weapons, vehicles(for increased movement points),name of the brigade example your playing as ww2 germany 

And you can customize one of your armies to be either a wermacht or SS division (Wich would have pros and cons and a price)

The 36th SS division: attack 25%,defence 5%, happiness -3 per turn (little detail as of why happiness would decline over time in the occupied provinces only) it's the SS they would regularly kill civilians and ofcourse, the locals wouldn't be happy with that.






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