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Work on my previous project RZ's Extended Timeline has halted, due to a game-breaking bug which can only be fixed by reinstalling game (99% bug). However, i've decided not to be a dick and leave a promising project half way through making, so I will give a little recap:

  • Extended Timeline will plan to add several scenarios from BC eras to the Modern World and an Alt Future, however the mod will also not have too many scenarios (sacrificing quantity for quality).
  • Unlike the V1, V2 will have a modified version of the Vanilla map, for historical accuracy and flavor.
  • The entire scenarios being composed on custom nations is NOT guaranteed, but a majority of the countries there certainly will (mostly HRE will use vanilla TAGs because doing HRE nation by nation is hell)
  • Different backgrounds for the map for you to choose and fonts.
  • New ideologies.
  • New music.
  • Possibly more stuff.

Map, music, ideologies, ages, backgrounds, fonts etc. were reworked. Now it's the hardest part, the scenarios and civs. Wish me luck. 

Here are some of the provinces I made:

Baltic States



New Byzantine and Crimean provinces



Neuchátel and that province whose name I don't know in Alsace-Lorraine so you can imitate Kaiserreich germany or go on Prussian nationalist wars during the Victorian Era



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14 hours ago, Johnthegreek said:

Aproximetly when is it going to be released? Also will it have events?

I have no idea about the release date, but don't expect it to be too soon. I don't want to rush it at all, but I probably will launch a barebones alpha release of the mod so people can try it out. And yes, i'm planning to make pretty much all scenarios have custom events

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I thought I would update you guys on the current situation of mod.

As for the 335 scenario, I have to remake its entirety but thankfully the Civ's arent gone so I can make it soon too.

But here are some pictures of the 1836 scenario I am working on:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ext_update.thumb.png.c6bdc0931237c3a244695f040bab3459.pngScreenshot_80.thumb.png.34118d57b06b7bc16bbf588edc7b4e71.pngScreenshot_81.thumb.png.99a7d37c59bd9ca31df4ee9d8675d34b.pngScreenshot_82.thumb.png.02ed1c15f25d25f9f34bad5a60349b50.pngScreenshot_83.thumb.png.6b578fd22423a40e678b7f552f43f124.pngScreenshot_84.thumb.png.8af21a0ac30a324d0468b58728d6e163.png


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1 hour ago, Bricksburg said:

how many ideologies?

also for new ideologies will there be new flags?

I can assure you one thing and that is, there will be many ideologies. Not enough to make it bloated and unnecessary but just enough so when you change ideologies it actually affects how the game plays. (This is especially true from the WW2 scenario onward)

And about your second question, it depends on the scenario: I don't really see the point of doing such thing in, say, the 1444 scenario, but it is very likely i do create different color/flags for nations depending of their ideology in scenarios where it actually matters (1836 onward)

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42 minutes ago, Perkaza R. Dani said:

Hell yeah mate

Yup. I create this mod because I am yet to find a "Extended Timeline" mod that accurately depicts politics or the map in its scenarios. I also know its kind of hard to see (because most of AoC2 playerbase, including its mod devs, are mobile players and events in mobile are buggy af), but I am also yet to see a kind of mod like this with events.

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I thought you guys might be interested in a progress update:

  • Inspired by Roma Invicta mod, I created many new provinces. Mostly in Italy and Greece. I also extended the mod further back to the Ab Urbe Condita start date, but I decided to leave out some further back parts such as the Trojan War.
  • I think the hardest part about making these ancient scenarios is finding proper flags for each, even small, civ. As when I played Roma Invicta, I felt like some civs were empty because they used single-colored placeholder flags, so I don't want to leave this feeling behind, so it takes me hours of searching for the flags of few civs and at times I have to make them myself.
  • Work has halted in 1836 Scenario to work on adding civ's, detail and border correctness to the 335 Scenario.
  • Divided roman empire (395) Scenario has been created, I plan to add event-based plundering and fall of west/east rome. (If East outlives West, they will be renamed Byzantium, and if West survives East, they will be renamed Roman Empire [do not confuse with the actual, pre-division, unified empire which is simply titled "Rome" and has a different flag])
  • Since I already have quite a bit of civs from those scenarios, 1066 and 1444 have been created, and I didn't have to do the chore of making each civ individually since I already had. No need to explain that work on these is further halted until I complete the others with priority.
  • Corrected map-related bugs (Growth Rate bug, Region bug, Continent bug, Terrain bug, etc)
  • East Rome and Byzantium are now separate Civ's. West Rome and Roman Empire are now separate Civ's. Egypt (Kemetic) and Egypt (Muslim) are now separate Civ's. Assyria (Ancient) and Assyria (Modern) are now separate Civ's. Mongolia and Mongol Empire are now separate Civ's. All Persias are now separate Civ's. (Parthia and Sassanids already were)
  • New custom terrain types for important European cities (Berlin, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Kiev, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, St. Petersburg, Rome and Warsaw) were added. Each one of those has different positive modifiers and become much more important provinces to hold, not only because of the growth rate now.
  • Following this style, important Asian & Middle Eastern cities' custom terrain type will be added. I don't know if to add important Americas' cities because it might be anachronistic in some scenarios, but please let me know if i should.
  • Much more I probably forgot to add to the change log

Below is an image of the custom terrain for the city of Rome in the 395 scenario I am working on.Screenshot_100.thumb.png.9816aaec69e113a7a919e265ff684388.png

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