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Age of History 3

[dead i lost all my data] Zombie Revolution, a new AoC2 mod.

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Hello Guys, i am Cabo_Taylor and i will develop a new mod that will have:

-Realistic Scenario with economic and objetives system (Zombie scenario ww2)

-More musics

-New background

-More governments

-WW1 Scenario

-South American War (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay vs Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and Colombia

-Repairs in biomes

Note: to play WW2 Z scenario you need to put the ag +200%

History: January 5, 1945, after the failure to stop the offensive of the allies and communists, Hitler ordered his last scientists to investigate some serum in order to improve the performance of his soldiers. (immortalize them, high precision in weapons and high speed) January 24, 1945 there was a failure in the creation due to a sabotage of the enemies, the virus has escaped and is beginning to take effect, we knew what it meant, a deadly pandemic but still We were surprised, we will take refuge in the capital of Denmark, it is a good strategic point to defend easily. Some time passed and we don't know how things are going right now, they didn't attack us. What happened? Hitler thought of a plan to send the virus to the United States so we will send it by submarines and when they arrive they will already infect. The plan did not go very well, the United States evacuated the cities but the Soviet Union is ruined, Japan taking advantage of the situation decides to take parts of the Pacific, destroy Australia and take part of Central Africa. I don't know how long this goes on, I don't think we're the winners here ... (i use translate srry)

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12 hours ago, Cabo_Taylor said:

uhm, este é meu primeiro tópico, então, o mod será em espanhol e inglês, preciso de ajuda para traduzi-lo, não falo inglês, mas sei. O mod irá se contentar


- Novo background em 4k.

- Novos cenários, por enquanto estou fazendo, endsieg, 1700, vitória do eixo, WW1, World War Zombie, Alternative future of America (com mais de 1000 eventos), 1201, Third Ally War (Argentina, Uruguai e Brasil vs Paraguai)

- Nova música de hoi4

- Novas civilizações formáveis

- (possível, se o mod se tornar famoso lol) Novo mapa com 6.000 províncias, outro com 8.000 províncias e as províncias da Perfection America.

- Novo líder, por exemplo, Juan Domingo Peron, Francisco Franco, Remake em Adolf Hitler, mussolini, E muitos outros na era antiga.

- remake do HUD

- Novos efeitos sonoros

- Não promovo nada mas acho que posso acrescentar construções por exemplo: Tecidos, Bases Militares, Monumentos que aumentam a felicidade na província, muito mais e preciso de ajuda

- Renovação em biomas

- Novos governos (liberalismo, progressismo, justicialismo, MUITO MAIS LOL)

- Novas doenças





O que eu terminei agora?

log de atualização 14/8

- 1 novo governo

- 1 nova doença

- 2 sinalizadores de ideologia

- Novo fundo HD

cool mod 

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