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Pirsicola Tortellini

How to add a flag to your custom nation

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step 1a: Look up the flag and download it

step 1b: If it isn't a .png file the convert it to .png, for this I use Png Converter https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-png

step 2: copy and shrink it, for this I use Simple Image Resizer http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/upload, shrink one by 68 x 44, shrink the other by 27 x 18

step 3:find  the file of your civ Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor for example I'll Use 1547839950616ksqsovfa, to see if it is the one go on it and go to 1547839950616ksqsovfa_NV to see the name

step 4: find the two files named 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FL and 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FLH

step 5: rename your two shrunken flags as them, 27x18 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FL, 68x44 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FLH

step 5: replace the flags already in there with the dowloaded ones

That's It



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I'm not great with computers. Can you explain step 3 like your talking to a toddler?


Edit: Nevermind I got it. I'm so proud of myself

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and what i need to make to the flag appear in the game, its just appearing a question mark

*sorry for the english*

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On 12/20/2019 at 4:50 AM, Pirsicola Tortellini said:

An easier way to resize/ convert the image type is using paint.net. That's the method I use now and it seams more efficient

me too

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