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combat system and army

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My vision on the combat system in aoh3 in two versions in the basic and advanced which will appear later.


Advanced version:


Essentially develops the ground troops, air force, navy into individual types.


 Ground troops: soldiers, cavalry/(later) vehicles, artillery and ranged units, and special units, but about them later. At the beginning of the game there will be no recruitment option, but instead we will mobilize the poorly trained and armed peasant masses, how many we will call up under arms depends on the technology we developed in the early stages of the game, we will be able to mobilize 2% of the population from the provinces in 10 years, unless you disband the existing enlistment of soldiers. After the war, if you don't disband the military, there will be growing discontent and exhaustion with the war in the provinces. Only from technology: modern conscription will be an unblocked labor force in the UI, conscript armies will have a minimum combat value (which we can anyway through the law on universal military service, or through technology: paramilitary organizations) relative to conscript armies. As for conscript armies, they will be recruited through technology: early military. They will be extremely expensive to maintain, but will be a decisive element during battles, their number will be scaled between population, economy (Ai, so as not to go into stupid debt), number of provinces). The professional army will have a so-called loyalty to the state, which can join the enemy if a civil war breaks out, in this context the loyalty of the general is also important, who can simply ignore orders and move at will or start a civil war or join it. The function of ignoring orders is turned off after technology: court martial. An important aspect of the new combat mechanics will be the units that will make up the professional army and the conscript army, in the case of the conscript army the units will be random, but the elite units will be a minimum number (mobilization, for example, in the Middle Ages can appear a dozen knights, but not more) buildings can modify the ratio of one unit to another, or the era (because no one wants to have a situation that in 1936 7000 archers appeared). In the case of professional armies, we go to the recruitment tab and we are shown a window with available units, which will disappear and reappear depending on the era, technology, country we play. The last type of recruitment is mercenaries, when you do not have a very good economy or a very large population, but a lot of money, then mercenaries will be the ideal solution, before enlisting mercenaries you must sign a contract with the company, which the larger and longer the more expensive (the exception is the armies of orders, which you will be able to recruit only in case of war with infidels) the mercenary company has its own manpower and loyalty to you the more you lose the war the more easily they can be bribed by the enemy in case of lack of money they can rebel and fight against you, in case of too many losses or lack of manpower they automatically withdraw from the war. Special units are units dedicated to a country, there may be several of them. They appear at a certain time, for example, the International Brigades for the republic of Spain 1936-1939. After this period, their recruitment will not be possible.


Combat system: similar to the simplified version, but also takes into account the type of units.


Division of aviation: small aircraft, medium aircraft, large aircraft. Here without major changes from the simplified version, except that each aircraft type is assigned to a specific mission.



Will be divided into small ships, medium ships, large ships. Here the fleet will have a similar system to the basic version with a few differences: the fleet will be stationed in ports and can only be expanded, repaired there. From technology: naval aviation will be able to build aircraft carriers to facilitate the war in the Pacific.


Unit editor: I think in this variant it is not an unnecessary element, for fantasy and sci-fi mods.


Simplified version:

In this version, there is only a division of troops: land, air and navy.


Land Forces: When a land battle occurs extremely important is the type of terrain during the battle a dice roll is made -6 - 6 which are completely random cause different bonuses or disadvantages for both armies. There is also taken into account the quality of the armies/training (which will be the average of the training of all troops) and the skills of the commander, air support (later). How this will be calculated or what statistics is left for discussion. Finally, not the entire army dies in battle only retreats a few provinces. Circumnavigations or distant expeditions from your/allied territories or occupied territories which will be deadly (getting high losses every now and then for lack of supplies). The ability to withdraw from battle


Navy: (will be extremely expensive, available from technology: navy) will work in a similar way for obvious reasons it will only move through the naval provinces which will have their own "terrain": coastal waters and deep sea/ocean etc., to make a landing you need a fleet in a ratio of 1:100 to make a landing e.g. UK 100k soldiers you need 1k fleet. Ability to withdraw from the battle.


Aviation: (which will also be expensive but cheaper than navy, available from technology: beginnings of aviation) aviation will only be able to be staged in a province with an airport same movement. Aviation will have a range radius at the beginning of 1 province up to a dozen. It will be possible to assign aircraft from reconnaissance to destruction of cities at the same time (initially reconnaissance will be available, with the development of aviation another option will be possible). Aviation will have a separate tab and will not be expressed in the same way as other branches of the military for the simple reason of readability. So by entering the air tab, we will have access to the aviation units to which it will set the tasks and the area of the tasks performed. Weather can affect the effectiveness of aviation support.





Occupying provinces: in this variant, each province will require time to take control of it early in the game ( e.g. 1200 year) will take 14 days for provinces without palisade/castle/fortress. For provinces with fortification, there will be a siege which how long it will last depends on the defense and attackers' technologies. From the technology: early siege art will be possible to storm the city (the more siege technology storms and sieges will become more and more effective) in the second the higher the level of fortification and siege technology (the assault and siege will last longer and take more casualties). Strongholds will be the last buildings to launch a provincial siege will be extremely expensive to build and maintain, but they provide an extremely important time to mobilize an army. Along with the post-1880 period, fortresses will lose their usefulness due to increasing boosts in offensive technology while costs are rising (attempting to modernize fortresses). Eventually the construction of fortresses will be blocked after 1945. A cheaper alternative will be trenches which will emerge with technology: the beginnings of modern warfare. Which will give huge bonuses to defense which will be offset by offensive technology such as tanks, machine guns, shotgun. A similar issue will be with bunkers. And regarding the late stages of the game, a province without fortifications will be seized immediately.


Generals/Admirals: perks will be several that can be introduced.


Iron discipline:

+10% to training speed

+5% to attack and defense

Passive defender:

-10% to attack

15% to defense


5% to attack

-3% to defense

Offensive specialist

10% to attack

-10% to defense

Conqueror of strongholds

+40% to sieges

+20% to assaults

Inexperienced commander

-10% to attack

-10% to defense


These are my chaotic thoughts on what the new battle system should look like

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if the game is in real time, then in my opinion it would be better if the aircraft had an attack/bombing animation, like in World Conqueror 4, where you can direct the aircraft to a certain province and it destroys the army. And we would also like to move these same planes from one airfield to another so that the attack range is larger and closer to the line of collision.
Definitely like it👍

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30 minutes ago, gjghjgigi said:

if the game is in real time, then in my opinion it would be better if the aircraft had an attack/bombing animation, like in World Conqueror 4, where you can direct the aircraft to a certain province and it destroys the army. And we would also like to move these same planes from one airfield to another so that the attack range is larger and closer to the line of collision.
Definitely like it👍

In my opinion, not everyone will want to micromanage planes, it is enough that they work automatically (conquest of the world 3/4 is a turn-based game, but it still has interesting elements). As for the animations, I think they don't fit too well with aoh and are too time consuming, remember that further on the game is worked on by one person

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8 hours ago, Łukasz Jakowski said:

Land units will have different types, it is already added. Will also be possible to add own units by editing the json file.

The navy won't be in the game.

if you can create new units through file editing, would it then theoretically be possible to create naval-ish units? I suppose it would be pretty unwieldy but could work

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On 11/24/2023 at 2:20 AM, Łukasz Jakowski said:

Kara birimlerinin farklı türleri olacak, zaten eklendi. Json dosyasını düzenleyerek kendi birimlerini eklemek de mümkün olacaktır.

Donanma oyunda olmayacak.

The navy and air force must absolutely exist.:(

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Kara birliklerinin yanına hastane, kafeterya vb binalar oyuna eklenmeli, yaralı askerlerin iyileştirilmesi gibi etkinlikler eklenmelidir. Füze sistemi devreye girsin. İstihbarat teşkilatları böyle bir şeyi yönetebilse harika olurdu.

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