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New mechanics for AOH3

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Hi Lukasz, I came up with some ideas for you for AOK3. 1 in aok2 there is boring politics, few actions and the type of government does not affect anything, it only gives bonuses. How do you like the idea for bots and players to have spheres of influence (you attack Taiwan, and China somehow reacts to this) It would be cool if each type had its own logic (for bots) like communism would hate liberalism and love to create vassals. 2 it would be cool to add, in addition to vassals, protectorates, dominions, colonies, national regions, and others (it would also be possible to create federations, just as the USA is one country, but at the same time consists of states, and it would be possible to give them independence or play not for the entire USA, but only for a state, or in the USSR).3 And in addition to creating alliances, it would be possible to create military blocs, and at the same time be part of more than one, as Poland is in NATO and in the Visegrad group, or economic alliances like Benelux. 4 uprisings in aok2 are only national, or if taxes are high, in aok3 you can give them different reasons for uprisings, for example, make sure that in each province people have different political views (as in the nationality diagram) and they would change over time, and then could a civil war will begin, in which nationalities try to create their own countries within your country. 5 Add separatist territories in Syria, Ukraine, Myanmar, Somalia, and drug cortels in Mexico. By the way, what is the most difficult thing for you in developing AOK3?

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