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Spies Age Of History 3 idea ( CIA , KGB )

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why don’t we adds spies like if there no soldiers in neighbouring country border ( only in land areas ) our spies can enter in small number like 5-10 and they can travel to different provinces where the soldiers are 0 (when they enter we can only see soldiers only in limited province and when our spy’s will be in the neighbouring provinces where there are soldiers our spy will get killed .) they can give information like this country is gonna attack other country in this much turn or information of attack in our country  and when we will add large force in border with the neighbour country that country will not attack us . having our spy’s in different provinces where people are unhappy below 70 , or a province which is occupied  by war we can fund the people of that  province and start a rebel . this will be a interesting idea and if our spy’s reach capital which have 0 military we can kill the President or King without getting in war with the neighbouring country.

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