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country formation systemEven in the second part, I really liked the ability to customize scenarios and fill them out. I was especially interested in the event chains. With the expansion of the capabilities and mechanics of the third part of the game, there was hope to see a “dream editor” (all the best to the most wonderful developer in the world and greetings to everyone from Eastern Europe). Namely, I am interested in the following points:

1) Creating your own states with full customization

2) separate creation of events and missions, taking into account various conditions and consequences. It is desirable that they be clearly divided into global/inherent under some independent condition (region of the world, presence of a certain province, etc.)/for a particular country

3) the ability to customize the formation of an organization, modifiers for participants, their relationships, restrictions or conditions for joining the organization. This is important, because in addition to the UN, NATO, CIS, etc. I'm interested in the possibility of having the Japanese Shogunate/Empire of Japan (in fragmented form), the Mandate of Heaven, the Holy Roman Empire, Colonial Empires (like the Commonwealth, if the mechanics with colonies as subjects cannot be implemented through the mechanics of vassals), etc.

4) Adjust country formation system from one country to another. Some options will be available only to certain countries (Example: Moscow/Novgorod/Smolensk/Kiev was able to form Rus/Russia, but if you need to form Ukraine/Free Field/Ruthenium, then Kiev/Volyn/Chernigov will be able to do this, but other East Slavic countries will not be able to ). In this case, you can enter conditions for the required provinces, or form of government, or level of technology.

5) If possible, give the opportunity (+ for example when importing images) to create your own rulers, advisers, generals (will be issued to a certain country subject to condition); customize terrain types, vassal types, etc., etc.

I believe that these introductions are a compromise for fans of customization and modification

Suggestions, thoughts, comments are welcome

What do you think about this, @Łukasz Jakowski?

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