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The unique mechanics of the Papal Region

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I was thinking that each faith has a head of faith who gets certain bonuses for being the head and can call for crusades or jihads for certain provinces or whole nations depending on how much legacy points you spend.

For any head of state like the Papalsy they can decide to excommunicate other nations (that decision also cost legacy points) which makes that nation free game to attack that nation and not get a negative % with other nations of the same religion.

What warrants a AI head of state excommunicating another nation is there relations with them and how many sins they have committed (Sins for certain religions can be like allowing Slavery or pillaging a certain number of province or even having a certain ideology type).

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I also think that it is worth making a separate form of government (or even a special mechanics) "elective theocracy" for the Papal States, principalities-bishoprics, etc. At that time, the Catholic country from which the Pope was chosen receives a bonus for relations with the Papal State and bonus heritage points.

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