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Age of History 3

Useful resources and improving the economy

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Снова Денис и его новая идея из CK2, а нет, стоп что.............

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Posted (edited)
23 hours ago, Matvey said:

1) Resource requirement.

It would be nice to improve the economic system by giving real value to resources.

If the efficiency of economic growth, growth rate and population limit depend on the available resources, then this will make it extremely useful to create colonies, develop production and (if you do trade) buy and sell resources.

Conditionally: let’s say every 10,000 people will demand 1 grain, beer, clothing, citrus... etc.

I would also like to see the relationship between resources/their quantity and technical capabilities. It is strange to see knights in iron armor in a country that neither mines nor imports iron. A state without access to uranium has a similar situation with its nuclear program.

2) Extraction and processing

The screenshots and videos show that the map contains resources such as cheese, cloth, clothing, beer, copper, etc.

What about the possibility of replacing (for a lot of money and with proper economics) a raw material resource in the province with a product? Example: there was a resource “wool” - the resource “clothing” became. (in the context of the first point - processed goods can satisfy needs more efficiently than raw materials)

An alternative would be a complete lack of goods as resources in the province. In this case, glass, jewelry, clothing, electronics, etc. can only appear in the economy through special provincial buildings or improvements.

--- Open to suggestions. Open for distribution.

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@Łukasz Jakowski

In general, I saw this idea, but in a slightly different format.
They said that if there is steel, then there will be a sword, if there is oil, then there is a need for gasoline and cars.
But what I didn’t see and what was new was the need of humanity itself for resources. Well done!

в целом я видел эту идею, но немного в другмо формате. 
Говорили про то что типо есть сталь - значит будет мечь, есть нефть значит есть потребность в бензине и машинах. 
Но вот что я не видел и что было нового - это потребность самого человечества в ресурсах. ТЫк что ты молодец!

Edited by Денис Живков
just просто

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Resource consumption and industrial/economy chain must be fun

(Wish to have multiple resources produced in one province. There's only one resource produced in one province now)

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