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Marshal Luna

Tips for conquering nations

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So, we all know the way to conquer other lands or nations. We usually do declaring war against desired nation or colonize wasteland or neutral lands.

But do you know there are other ways of conquering nations/lands?

First, the diplomatic way.

      -very efficient and bloodless, yet takes a long  time to do

       First step, choose a desired nation to conquer using diplomatic way (this only works if the desired nation is as strong or weaker than yours, bigger nations don't and will just do insults. If you did a larger nation be with you, consider yourself lucky!).

       Second, try your best to improve relations to it by sending diplomats, etc.

      Third, do an alliance with it. If it doesn't accept, improve relations with it until you got this goal.

     Lastly, Do this

    Diplomacy -> Form Union

     Then turn to see its answer, you just did a unification with your enemy! You can change the flag or your nation's name through changing government type. If it doesn't accept, urge it until you did unification!

    Still, that's my ideas for now, still searching for other ways!

   Good luck in playing!

    From a player from The Philippines.

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For me, you can only union once in the game. I would expand while improving relations with a slightly stronger nation. Once I'm done expanding and need to build up, it's time for a union. After that, you can basically world conquest.

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Annex Vassal

  • Going to need an army around 3 to 5 times bigger then the nation you want to make your vassal
  • Make an Ultimatum making them your vassal
  • Wait 30 turns (When you send the ultimatum to make them a vassal you also create a truce with them for 30 turns where you cant do another ultimatum on them)
  • Make an Ultimatum annexing them


  • Going to need an army around 5 times bigger them the nation you want to make a union with
  • Need relation to be very high (usually 60+ and up)
  • Ask for a Union (Unions are a very tricky thing usually the nation you want to form a union with has to be weaker then you, has little money, and is in an alliance with you.  It may also help if you force them into a war to weaken them.  You do this by either going to war with a nation and asking them to join, or going into diplomacy and asking for a trade.  The is gold from you it can be any amount the game doesn't care, in exchange for war.  So the you then just pick a nation that will weaken the nation you want a union with but can still win.  If this doesn't work its probably just better to leave them alone or attack them after they are weakened.)

Attack and Annex another country

  • Easiest way to conquer another country is to use the trick I described under Unions and then attack the opponent when they are weak.  The only other way is to declare war on them and use as many troops as you can support to crush the enemy as quickly as possible.  If you cannot crush the enemy right away you will probably just be sinking money into a long drawn out war.

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