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Donald Trump's Empire of Colonization -The Sequel- Electric Boogaloo

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Last episode we left our protagonist off in Africa, finding his greatest enemy Vladimir Putin in South Africa and the Mozambique.

Donald Trump quickly sent his men down to South Africa and surrounded the Russian Colonies. He demanded Putin give the provinces to the USA but Vladimir kindly denied. Donald, having no other choice, had to do the unthinkable. He proceeded to rack up a massive amount of money and take every single coastal province of southern and central Africa. This was a big feat, but in the end Donald Trump secured Africa.

While this was happening, troops were already sent to India and Australia. Trump was just finished taking out all of Australia when the unthinkable happened. His greatest allies, The Byzantines and the State of Israel, declared war on the Greeks. Israel still being small, just like the byzantines, they were struggling a lot. Trump had to intervene, so he sent down $500,000 to Israel and $200,000 to the Byzantines in order to help them out with the war. He also proceeded to send troops from Africa to protect Israel. Later on Israel would expand in to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.

Another event that happened in the middle east was the Kekistan-Egypt war. Kekistan was completely dominated by Egypt and ended up joining in an union with the United States of America, forming the United States of Kekistan Union.

During the Greek war Trump almost lost Thailand, as the Greek had their colonies there, but after the war quickly took all of the Greek colonies as reparations. Near the end of this story the US controlled Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Panama, Venezuela, All of Africa (except algeria, morocco and libya), India, Indochina, and Australia. Donald Trump had a massive Empire and he truly did get the epic Victory Royale.

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