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  3. I have a little experience creating maps but I'm not sure how to help you Have you created your map from 0 or have you copied the file from an existing map?
  4. It was in the mod addon + with russia: 3 it was not very complicated, you just have to be a rat and get into every conflict between giant. (in case they ask you, do not use unions) With Greece I conquered almost the whole world but I made the mistake of focusing on "my things" I ended up with all of Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa but the USA took all of North America (not to be confused with Central America) and what did I do? Attack? Improve relationships? I did NOT put her in a war against all the rest of America and the USA won ...
  5. Because it was very simple and not so long like Eu4 and not very memory consuming (Eu4 and Hoi4 crashed on my pc so many times, I have 3.9 gb of ram)
  6. When did you start playing Aoc2?
  7. https://discord.gg/3SPhrab plz join it and post it in forum
  8. Yeah, a community gone with the wind so to say. I feel with a head even as incompetent as Vis a better result could've happened. I am here mostly for nostalgia and to make sure the right history of this place and the end of its great community are told. "Leaders" of the corpse like Reich and Kerems only exacerbate misunderstanding regarding the game, community, and dev's demise.
  9. I wasn't here around march, since I didn't had connection after February 2019, but I remember visiting this place around June and see all the dead projects and gone members. After that a little visit in December because I remembered the anniversary (came late anyways lol), then went active this year since there were a bit more members. A big part, if not all, of the community is dead forever since the game that gave this forum a title won't go any further. I guess this place is to enjoy what little there is now. As for Lukasz, I respect his decition. A bit disappointed he wasn't open for a long time but if he wants to create new game, it's fine. This all revolves around a simple game, so it's a sad story but the fans have to move on.
  10. I get it, I guess my methods are a bit too.. rude to you kek. Well fair I would say. This community and forum died in march of 2019 imo, after this it was the corpse slowly dying. The men commanding this corpse (Reich and Kerems), with delusions of grandeur, resisted hating Lukasz for as long as they could. Until finally they believed they got fed up, and began wielding the rotting corpse against the poor developer himself. For the first time since he first warned me I feel real sympathy for Lukasz. He is done with this game, and men like Reich and Kerems who cannot see this harass him about a project he abandoned over a year ago. I feel this was the likely end, the end of all things. The last men of the once great generations, failing to see their comrades disappear, less inclined to the language of communication, lash out with the last ounce of strength the rotting husk of a community has left. And all of that is devoted to an all out attack on the poor developer himself. A fitting end for this forums, I would say
  11. Thanks Shiite. I didn't want to mention any names, I wanted to keep this as a humble opinion. Anyways, its sad to see how AoC2 ends. Still a good game I will keep playing once in a while.
  12. But I overall agree with what you're saying, Kerems and Reich really fucked up here. Reich responded to my last post 4 times, deleted all of them, and then dmed me his response. I think I might've triggered him. Kerems too, once I responded to him completely obliterating his argument deleted his post. My opponents on this front are with much evidence, as far as I can tell, pussies. Also, good work on your mod, Ramiro has been heaping praise upon it to me
  13. I've made permanent enemies out of Reich and Kerems, can't wait until they try to cancel me again.
  14. It is common knowledge what has happened in the last pair of weeks in this forum. Many members including myself participated in a request to get word of Lukasz. And we got it, surprisingly. We got it, and despite not what many expected, it is the developers honest answer (as he said it before). Now there seems to be another spam request going on. And I did participate in that one too, because after all I agree with the request as I am making a scenario that had the same problem. But hours before the post was deleted I removed my reply because I realized what was going on. We have to accept that what Lukasz answered before was his definitive answer. It's been days since this spam started and it has gone out of control, and for what? The leaderboard and post tab is now gone, apparently because of this spam. And to be honest it did became a bit of rep farm. Many accounts spamming were created just for that post. The people who is active and known here were few compared to newly created accounts. It seems, in my opinion, that spamming in such scale for a single update made for a certain mod isn't worth it. The difference between the earlier "spam" and this one, is that it was a proper request. It was signed by active accounts and had a proper description. Now this spam is just filling the gone post tab and now Lukasz profile. Its been days and no answer yet. It is clear, we already got an answer, there's no reason to fill this forum anymore.
  15. Any map creator? help me please, when the game is charging my map it crashes
  16. Played as Red China in WW2 and went the cheap way: union with ROC. The whole game felt wrong...
  17. Have you ever done any type of crazy union or any random formable country? Please write it down here 😋(❁´◡`❁)
  18. lol aoc2 is my only game. WE ARE AOC2 PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE HOI4 EU4 AND ALL OTHERS!

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