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    Sanbox? Of course not!

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    What do u want?

    I want to make a new scenario but I dont know which year I should make. Just tell me a year you want and i will try to make it
  4. TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM THINGS YOU SHOULD DO; Place replenishment camp on every province you have soliders on raise your economy level(to get more money) THESE WILL HELP YOU TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM WHY IT HAPPENS? Because you spend all of your money to the soliders so theres no money for economy and population
  5. Alternate World Scenario Türkler yandaki windowsu etkinleştir yazısını takmayın xD (It may not be realistic) SOME PHOTOS;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alternate history starts since 1500 so everything didnt happen in a couple of year.(its not that unrealistic xd) Update 1: Added some events, Changed map, Changed year etc. click this to → Download !! Update 2: Added Chinese Civil War, Usa Civil War, UK Civil War Made map more realistic Added Turan Union Added Scandinavian Union Update 3: Changed some borders Fixed Africa borders Added events for Turkey and arabs Fixed some events Upcoming Updates: Events for the African Union, events for New Zealand, *more* events for Europe and Asia, events for Japan and Koreas, events for south america, more realistic map,
  6. 1316 Scenario -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Update 1(MASSIVE!!): Added Southeast Asian countries Added Southeast Asian tribes Added African Tribes Added Poland Added ainus Added Oceania Tribes Added İndian countries(they were united and called indian tribes before) Fixed some borders Update 2(MASSIVE!!): Remade the whole map of the world Added lots of tribes to americas Added buganda,fixed anatolia,north africa,india,central asia and europe borders. Download!!
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    Year 1683

    1683 SCENARIO (All borders may not be true) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 1: Added mayan empire Fixed some borders Made Joseon indepent Balanced countries Added custom civs folder (Massive)Update 2: Fixed most of the borders Added tons of new countries in Africa,Asia,Oceania and Americas (Massive)Update 3: Fixed the Europe borders Fixed South America borders Download!! Update 4: Added tribes to canada,mexico, usa,south america,oceania Fixed some of the carribean and america borders. Added some more colonies to porteguese and spain.